Control Group Productions
Denver's Experimental Art and Performance Laboratory

CGP has joined a coalition of remarkable local and international artists to create Recuperatio|12, a 12-step recovery program for Denver’s arts community. Monthly events will showcase extraordinary artists engaging new structural, economic, and aesthetic realities.

Live performance, architectural interventions, book signings, film screenings, more.



We come to believe that the cooperation between us all could restore the current economic art trend.

We have commenced a 12-Step movement to span 12 months, beginning in 2012 for experiments in creating new economics realities for creatives. We are composing our manifesto through this process and our steps will inform how we proceed after this time, stronger together than separately. We will: Empower artists to create sustainable futures; No longer work for free; Create new economies for creatives; Focus on greater networks than our own disciplines; Embrace the paradigm shift we exist in; Amalgamate old systems to reveal future realities; Catalyze radical change and move away from irrelevant practices; Advocate and promote research and process in artistic practice; Provide mentorship paramount for young and old.

Please join us Saturday, October 27 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Prism Glass Works for Step Two of Recuperatio|12. Tickets and info here.




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