UPCOMING: “devotions”

In early 2015 Control Group completed its final Salon Romantik series project, culminating nearly 4 years of research, experimentation, and 7 different performance creations.

In 2015-17 Control Group is diving into a variety of new explorations, pursuing several different new work concepts simultaneously. Here's one of the projects we're currently digging into:

devotions image1

devotion’s last full measure

devotion's last full measure is about the labor of faith in practice: the work that we do in the name of our beliefs, and the sacrifices that we make. It asks what our beliefs require of us, and explores how our actions honor a commitment to something greater than ourselves.

The project engages spiritual position through action instead of opinion, exploring  our individually and communally constructed belief systems commit us to action in our world. The title, a reference to Lincoln's commemoration of the fallen soldiers at Gettysburg, poses a question that we want to address in contemporary terms and context: What devotions define our lives? What commitments entail from our devotions? How do we embrace the unifying force of lived belief and the convictions that lead us to service and sacrifice?

As part of this project, we're inviting responses and dialog from our community at large. Feel free to share your thoughts with Patrick at patrick@controlgroupproductions.org and stay tuned here for periodic blog posts of reflections on and contents from the process.


We're currently looking for a couple new collaborators for this project: performers with a strong physicality and possibly also artists in other genres. We don't hold formal auditions, instead we prefer to work with individuals one on one for 1-2 rehearsals to see if they are a good fit for the work. If you're interested in participating in this project, please contact us with your interest and availability, and a resumé or work sample or something about you as an artist.