2018-19 Community Engagement Program: Acts of Arrival (upcoming)

In 2017, we created neverhome – an immersive-performative walking tour through several urban neighborhoods across the metro area, exploring media portrayals of refugee travel, southern border immigration, endemic homelessness, and Colorado wilderness recreation. Our goal was to draw connections to between the far-off experiences of Others and our daily lives and settings.

We're currently in the midst of creating another immersive walking tour performance, Watching Night Falling – this one departing Stanley Marketplace and wandering through the streets and greenways of interstitial Aurora, in search of simple beauties buried in plain view of our daily grind.

Acts of Arrival converts the artistic and social research underpinning these projects into a Community Engagement program that aims to give voice to stories and identities of Adams County residents who arrived here as refugees and immigrants. Whereas neverhome focused on media portrayals, and Watching Night Falling focuses on Aurora's urban landscape, Acts of Arrival shifts the focus toward the artistry and identities of the community members themselves.

We're currently seeking organizational partners to anchor our Acts of Arrival program. This partnership starts with an offer of free tickets for community members to attend Watching Night Falling, followed by a conversation session that begins to source interest topics and a program design for a subsequent series of workshops that will extend through Spring 2019.

We're open as to what these workshops offer – skills and tactics for story-telling and identity expression, channeling participants' stories through our performers' bodies, simply sharing stories and finding communion; or something else entirely. Our goal is to bring ourselves and our organization to the table and discuss what value we can offer the community in the room.

Acts of Arrival culminates in a one-weekend event at The People’s Building on East Colfax. The event will share the creative products of the workshop participants and celebrate the community we’ve formed within the workshop groups. The event will be free and open to the public, and include simple food and drink from the communities represented.

Please contact us with interest in partnering!

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