2019 Season Overview

The 2019 season marks 10 years of Control Group artistic research & development.

Read on for an overview of our season, and stay tuned for more details about each event!

Here's what we've cultivating for you in 2019:

February 9-10
HOME – where dance lives, Winter 2019 edition
CO Conservatory of Dance, Broomfield, CO
about the HOME series
This season's fantastic line-up of awesome contemporary artists sharing new works includes Wild Heart Dance, Art as Action, Life/Art Dance Ensemble, and more...
––An Artist Services Program event––

March 1
An Immersive First Friday at OUR new home!
1801 Brentwood St, Lakewood, CO

We can't wait to get our (almost-completed!) home studio activated for intimate, informal creative events, including this preview experience of... (see next item)
––a Control Group company event––

April 5 – May 11
(a last dance made to be viewed in the dark)
Globeville neighborhood, Denver, CO
info  |  tickets  |  trailer
The culminating work in our dances made to be viewed in the dark series takes you into the catacombs of an abandoned slaughterhouse, in search of the sweet embrace and exhilarating transformation of The Beyond. Come disappear with us into this absolutely singular, unmissable experience.
––a Control Group company event––

June-November 2019
WAKE (working title) by Ondine Geary
Boulder, CO

The first of two 2019 Guest Artist Presenting (GAP) Initiative events – an immersive experience of loss in an intimate found venue setting in Boulder County.
––a GAP Initiative event––

Mountains Made for Us by Roshni

The second 2019 GAP Initiative project – a Bollywood-style play by Roshni Artistic Director Deepali Lindblom, created in collaboration with North Aurora refugee communities.
––a GAP Initiative event––

October 2019
cutting room floor (working title)
The Aurora Fox

Lost histories and new fabrications of Original Aurora, brought to life in an immersive event created to fill every nook and cranny of the Aurora Fox Arts Center.
––a Control Group company event––

November 2019
HOME – where dance lives, Fall 2019 edition

Another fantastic line-up of awesome contemporary artists sharing new works in our semi-annual showcase of local dance.

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