4/22-24: Demolition Queens by Control Group

April 22-24: Control Group
Demolition Queens

The Packing House Center for the Arts proudly presents the world premiere of

Demolition Queens

a performance spectacle by Control Group Productions

directed by Patrick Mueller
in collaboration with Hallie Bauernschmidt, Candess Giyan, Emily Lawrence, Kristine Whittle, Nat Kundanis-Grow, and Mike Meter
April 22-24, 8pm
Admission $15 at the door / $12 pre-sale tickets here

WHEN THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO BURN YOU HAVE TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE. Raze the debris of the image-icon-anti-cult like a derelict high-rise of spent cultural currency. Then dance on the ashes. This isn’t dissection of super-stardom, just a glorious conflagration.

This is a movement performance in two parts: a fire and a dream of fire. The first setting is a raised stage in the round. It begins as a rock concert and explodes into the remnant shards of extreme presentation the image of emotion and dysfunction. The second part exists in a separate space, the hazy, blurred dream of movement and imagery, smoke reconstituting into its previous object form.

Control Group’s medium is live performance (occasionally also video), using all available tools to make the work at hand. The purpose and process dictate the form of the product. If that’s just a bunch of crap to you: Control Group is a dance theatre company working in a different style for each piece. This one has dancing, singing, yelling, drawing, pop music, velvet curtains, and a raised stage, among other things.

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