4/3, 11am-2pm: SF Choreographers Workshop

Workshop: (Un) productive Dancing

You are not a product and your dancing is you own.
Saturday April 3, 11am-2pm

Experience a dual master class with two of San Fransisco’s most exciting emerging artists!

Aura: Beginning from the foundation that a "dance class" is designed to help each individual more fully access and arrive into their own bodily expression and awareness, this class grounds itself in somatic investigations through which we investigate contemporary technique, improvisation, and phrasework.

This class is designed to cultivate fully embodied, expressive, and satisfying dancing. We begin with the body as a laboratory, and through our movement practice investigate the individual bodies relationship to self, other, and the space, while attending to alignment, efficiency of movement and clarity of form. Emphasis is on connecting the body from the inside out, in order to cultivate embodied presence, and fully inhabit the body as we are dancing it.

Leigh: This class will examine the place where contemporary technique and improvisation collide. The movement vocabulary stems from both classical and post-modern techniques woven together with my extensive training in Alexander technique. Focusing on freeing the movement by releasing the base of the skull and exciting the spine, we will discover the ease of dancing through a broad, embodied spatial approach.