5/7-8 Stop. Crawl. Walk. Run.

May 7th and 8th Stop. Crawl. Walk. Run. by projectmedia and PHCA

May 7-8, 7pm – 11:30pm

Stop. Crawl. Walk. Run.

A Multi-Arts Festival conceived by projectmedia in association with The Packing House Center for the Arts

A cultured chaos, interactive, multi-media event including visual arts, digital media, dance, fashion, music and artists of all types who come together in a vision to stir political, social, and personal observations about our constantly evolving world. Join these artists in an evening filled with stimulating creation where audience and art become one (like Voltron!). Ponder the walls that contain us and the freedom that breaks through as truth (like Kool-aid!). Stay home plugged into your digital box or join a vision that sets you free (like the Matrix!).

Produced by projectmedia
a multimedia arts collective
Director: Kathy Plache (Buffalo Exchange Colorado)
Producer: Mark Medina (SLS Design Productions)
Co-Producers: Patrick Mueller and Mike Ballard

Visual Art by Sandra Skrabanek, Kathy Plache, Mike Meter.
Performance by Amelia Charter, Control Group Productions.
Projection by Mark Medina, Sandra Skrabanek.
Live Music by Mike Ballard and guests.
Film by Katie Key, Victoria Taylor-Gore, Mark Medina, Control Group.
Fashion by Buffalo Exchange Colorado, Jorg Bivendorf


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