Accessibility & Sensitivities

Control Group is committed to finding reasonable accommodation for anyone interested in experiencing our work.

We are acutely aware of the challenges we face in presenting live public events in found sites and non-traditional venues. We incorporate accessibility considerations into all parts of our artistic process, and work to mitigate obstacles presented by our unconventional performance environments and activities.

We also realize that our works may contain imagery, action, and sounds that are triggering to various conditions and sensitivities. Where possible, we offer advance warning for shows that contain:

  • prolonged walking or standing
  • non-ADA-compliant environments
  • nudity
  • sexually explicit contents
  • violence
  • fog & other airborne particulates

Due to the unusual and persistently innovative nature of our work, we ask that you contact us with any accessibility or sensitivity concerns, and work with us to find reasonable accommodation for your needs within the experience of the work.

You can reach Artistic Director Patrick Mueller at:


Economic Accessibility

We understand very well the obstacle that a ticket price can be. We work to keep our ticket prices as low as possible, and to offer free and discounted attendance opportunities to every show we present. If cost is an obstacle to attending our work, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.