April 5-28, 2019

Globeville neighborhood, Denver, CO

A sweet, rich contemplation of darkness, fear, and death, during a tour of an abandoned slaughterhouse.

(This page will track the artistic process for this work. We'll then create an event page with all the details about how to join us for it.)



Literally, cumulative dissolution. An act of mass disappearance.

Or the opposite of the cumulative total of identifiable or real material. The stuff we can't see or feel, the lost things, the dark matter.

An expanding uncertainty, a loss of definition, a pervasive liminality.

A cumbersomely verbose working title for a final creation in a series of works entitled dances made to be viewed in the dark.



AGGREGATE IMMATERIALITY is a multi-room, multi-media immersive performance event.

AGGREGATE IMMATERIALITY happens as a site-specific / site-transformative tour of the catacombs of an old slaughterhouse in the Globeville neighborhood of North Denver.

AGGREGATE IMMATERIALITY culminates Control Group’s dances made to be viewed in the dark series, an exploration of the sensory experience and social contents of darkness. The show’s contents combine elements of a wake, a séance, a final communion, and a meditation on death and other transitions – a clear-eyed and whole-hearted embrace of the unknown.



dances made to be viewed in the dark (2015-19) is a series of events/creations unfolding the sensory experience and social contents of darkness. The scope of the series encompasses childhood fears and bedtime rituals, depression and PTSD, utopian subcultural movements, deprivation therapy, personal transformation and interplanar travel.

AGGREGATE IMMATERIALITY seeks to a new relationship with fear – of darkness, as a stand-in for The Unknown and the many unknowable things. Ultimately, like all human impulses, it arrives at the consideration of death, and the passage through the veil. Buoyed by relevant data and the decision for optimism, we embrace the truth that things can dissolve but matter is a set sum, and so we set up the criteria for transmutation – a shift and evolution of consciousness and form.

So we propose an obviously but absolutely NOT spiritual reflection by aesthetic means on the question of how we come to terms – not because the terms and consequences are clear, but because they never will be, and all that's left is to embrace the unknowable benefits of post-materiality.


This is a work about death, darkness, and fear, set in an abandoned slaughterhouse in Denver's decommissioned meatpacking district. Within that context we promise sweet, warm embrace and deep transformation.

It's a delicate, gorgeous, hilarious adventure into a sensory-rich unknown where beauty and grotesquerie melt together into a greater transcendent whole.

We hope you join us for it...

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