An immersive journey through an abandoned slaughterhouse.

An uplifting rumination on fear, darkness, & death.

A last dance made to be viewed in the dark.

April 5 – May 11, 2019

4800 Washington St, Denver 80216

shows at 7pm & 9:30

Tickets $20-$45


Aggregate Immateriality is closed. Stay tuned for video footage of the experience in Solace – a film by Daniel Sharkey and Control Group Productions. Read on to learn more about the production.


Selected Reviews & Features:

KUNC: "The building itself plays a starring role in the experience."

Westword: "Proscenium-free theater that mingles movement, narrative and participation into a new kind of show without barriers."

5280: "Mueller invented a world that exists in between life and death — asking us to face our fear of the latter in a building once known for it."

KGNU: "A beautiful, tender, cryptic tale – a truly unique Denver experience."

Kit Baker: "As powerful and spellbinding as anything I have experienced in Colorado."

303 Magazine: "Reaches beyond entertainment into a world of deep personal reflection."

Ben Waugh: "The caretaking of the audience is perfect!"


Aggregate Immateriality is an uplifting rumination on darkness, fear, & death, set in an abandoned slaughterhouse in North Denver’s Globeville neighborhood.

In an experiential, interactive combination of theatre, dance, design, and site, we invite audiences to contemplate their mortality as we follow a friend through her transition from life into death. In a space made for animal mass murder, we offer gentle gifts and warm human contact, working to dispel our fear of the specter of death, and invigorate the exquisite sensation of being alive.

Come sit with us in the dark.

This spectacular multi-room immersive event is Control Group’s largest production to date, and Colorado’s largest scale immersive performance event of the 2018-19 season. Created by Control Group Productions in collaboration with Incite Colorado and Churn Creative, Aggregate Immateriality culminates the 4-year, 7-work series dances made to be viewed in the dark – an unfolding of the sensory experiences and social contents of darkness.

This production is made possible through funding from Denver SCFD and many generous donors.

Created in partnership with:
Incite Colorado | environmental design
Churn Creative | videography
State 38 Distillery | beverages
Slaughterhouse Properties | venue

Created by:
Patrick Mueller | concept & direction
Bailey Harper & Nicholas Caputo | assistant direction & performance
Allison Blakeney, Danielle Dugas, James Brunt, Laura Lounge | performance
Christine Woods | stage management
Nicholas Caputo | sound design & composition
Justin Hicks & Katie Webster (Incite Colorado) | environmental design
Daniel Sharkey | video design
Izzy Bristow | costume design
Tristan LeMaster | lighting design
Catlin Seavey | techformance
Brandon Gonzales | sound operation

Special Thanks to
Troy Everett
Chris Bagley
Lindsay Pierce
Julie Parker
Esther & Scott Varney
Kristine Whittle
and many others who helped us prepare the work.


This event contains moments of:
Prolonged darkness
Moderate physical touch
Vegan food & (non)alcoholic beverage service...

ALL the good stuff. 

Please inquire further if you have allergies or skin sensitivities.

This event is appropriate for people age 13 and older.

This event is ADA compliant. Please contact us if you plan to attend in a wheelchair or have other mobility concerns.

This event involves walking, standing, sitting, and participating in activities with performers. Please wear closed-toed shoes and warm clothing.

This event does not include jump-scares or other cheap tricks. All our tricks are far

This event does not depict violence, but does discuss the topic of death.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Download the event press release here:
Press Release – AGGREGATE IMMATERIALITY by Control Group



Advance ticketing, refunds, and exchange requests are available exclusively through Brown Paper Tickets. Because of the small, intimate audience admitted to each event, we can only process refunds and exchanges up to 24 hours before the event.

Refunds  can be made through the BPT website or their call center – (800) 838-3006.


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