Application Process

The residency application process is informal and we’re interested in letting it develop through our conversations; but we’re also interested in seeing a clear intention to do a specific project. This clarity doesn’t need to encompass all aspects of the project. Instead, we’re interested to hear in your own words where the project is coming from (artistically), where it’s going (it’s intention, the exploration driving it, etc), what it’s scope is, what you already know about it and what you don’t. Again, this doesn’t need to be polished, and we don’t want you to try to make decisions or create clarity that isn’t there yet.

The general process is: put a proposal together (usually in written form, although we’re also open to other formats) and pass it along to us. Our staff will look it over and we’ll set up a time for one of us to get together with you and discuss it. If it seems like a good fit for the program and our mission/goals/intentions, we’ll bring it back to the full staff and discuss its merit and its viability from our side (in terms of its alignment with our values and goals, and our ability to support it satisfactorily).

We accept proposals on a rolling basis, but the initial proposal should come several months (preferably 3-5) before the desired start-date. This gives us time to fully process the proposal and schedule it.

Please contact Patrick Mueller with proposals. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and we encourage interested parties to contact us with ideas at any stage of development in order to begin a dialogue about the work.

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