Apr. 20: WORKSHOP with Mancopy

Flow and Awareness / Moving TogetherSaturday
April 20, 12-4pm

A Workshop doubleheader led by Jens Bjerregaard (Mancopy Danse Kompagni, DK/LB)
$40 general / $30 for professional dancers (please RSVP)

A combination dance technique and partnering workshop for movers at all levels of training and experience.

The workshop aims at developing a sense of the inner physicality, where the movement is always initiated by a decision from the inside. In other words, we get aware of our bones and muscles structure, rely on our weight, use our free breathing and then comes the game with gravity – when do we give in and how much do we control?
Whether you’re a professional dancer or it’s your first time in a studio, this workshop offers you lots of dancing in a frame where you can feel free and safe to REALLY move your body!

Mancopy Danse Kompagni, directed by Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard, has been working in Beirut, Lebanon for the last five years, building a dual identity and sense of home and place. The work, compositions by Bjerregaard and by other choreographers around the globe, seek fluid relationships with cultural and artistic structures that allow for new perspectives, greater accessibility, and global thinking.

Mancopy is in residency 4/14-4/22 at work|space Denver, offering performances and conducting outreach activities with local schools. The second international dance event curated by Control Group Productions, Mancopy’s tour offers Coloradoans a rare opportunity to engage with globally acclaimed artists working in the heart of global current events in the Middle East.