Aug. 21: Fringe Performance-Party

PHCA’s New Facility Partnership Performance and Party

A Co-production of
The Packing House Center for the Arts
The Boulder International Fringe Festival
Kim Olson/sweet edge
Band of Toughs
Syzygy Butoh
and Control Group performance company

Featuring DJ This That And The Other

Event Time: 7:30-11:30pm
Tickets: $10 at the door

PHCA is in love (ooohh!). It’s met not one but FOUR dream partners, and they’re making plans to MOVE IN TOGETHER! Clearly a party is in order…

PHCA has some new BFFs, and they’re making big plans. In partnership with the Boulder Fringe and local performance companies Control Group, Band of Toughs, Kim Olson/sweet edge, and Syzygy Butoh, PHCA will be acquiring a permanent venue and headquarters in 2011. Come celebrate the unification of this VOLTRON of contemporary performance and their ambitious plans to create an Arts Empire through out the Front Range and beyond. Performances by the partnering companies, an introduction to the New Facility Project, and a killer dance party!

Band of Toughs sprang fully developed from Naropa like Athena from the head of Zeus. They deliver original, genre-mashing work that puts the ass back in passion – then kicks it!

Control Group works from a movement basis to create unique, multi-faceted, inter-genre works based on themes such as Rock Stardom and Meteor Impact Post-Apocalyptica. Founded by Patrick Mueller in 2008, CG is the permanent resident company of Denver’s contemporary performance venue The Packing House Center for the Arts.

sweet edge is a dance company with a flare for entanglement – of body story, personal definitions and the un-uttered perspective. Olson draws inspiration from extremes of daily circumstance and the psychological journey to find balance in a world of beauty and devastation, the continual unearthing of chaos and choice.

Syzygy Butoh is a dance in which the body is encouraged to speak for itself. The mission is to use movement to explore and create with all of our human qualities. The intention is to use everything, both within and without, to express without filtration or bias the “Such as it is of the Whole All.”

Warning: The firing of unusual synaptic pathways can cause overwhelming fits of ecstatic joy.

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