burn scar

burn scar

Next Gallery, 40 West Arts District, Lakewood, CO

October 29th - November 14th, 2021

A gallery exhibition sharing Control Group's recent work in the East Troublesome burn scar alongside Adrienne DeLoe's exquisite exhibition, ghosts of the earth.

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Photography by Edica Pacha

Videography by Alex Taylor

Curated by Katie Weisberger and Patrick Mueller

burn scar is an exploration of human presence in a wildfire burn area. The project – a performance for and with the land, documented in stills and video – focuses on the artist's personal relationship with Western wilderness. Fundamentally, it is an attempt to meet the damaged, rejuvenating earth and ecology by joining it in its stripped-away vulnerability, communing and bearing witness and offering support.

burn scar is part of Control Group’s ongoing series Treeline, exploring human relationships with nature and wilderness in the Anthropocene, rooted in goals of elevating climate awareness and galvanizing climate action and justice. burn scar includes design pieces created for our recent Treeline piece, After the Flood.

Other recent/current Treeline activities include:

After the Flood (June 2021)
South Platte Park, Littleton, CO
info | video excerpts | full event video
An immersive nature walk through South Platte Park, telling stories of the 1965 South Platte flood.

Cinnamon Kills First public sessions (October 2021)
Junkyard Social Club, Boulder, CO
Two public sessions by word warrior and Northern Cheyenne tribal member Cinnamon Kills First, discussing our relationship with ourselves, our land, and our culture.

(NOT) THE END (new title forthcoming) (summer 2022)

Information coming soon...
A bus tour of Denver surveying the growing climate crisis.

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