Aug. 2016: WHOLENESS at Denver Performing Arts Complex

A meditative space for solace, communion, and transformation. An inversion of darkness, turning dark to light and bringing materiality to negative space. Two performers blindly navigating a built/digital environment. Simple actions acquire exquisite tension and focus as blindness heightens other senses and stretches the space between perception and comprehension. The installation encompasses and enshrouds its […]

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Mar/Apr 2016: CAVE / dances made to be viewed in the dark

April 8 & 9 7:30pm & 9pm shows at Pranamor Yoga Arts 853 Santa Fe Drive, Denver 80204  |  MAP Enter from the alley west of Santa Fe through the yellow gate in the wooden fence. Free parking available in the lot adjacent to entrance. $18 General Admission | $15 Students & Seniors (TICKETS HERE) […]


Casting Call: “Sophont in Action”

Control Group is working with The Black Cube (website | Facebook), Denver’s new nomadic art museum, to create the live performance element of visual artist Desiree Holmann’s Sophont in Action – an installation event at Red Rocks Park in September. We’re looking for 40 performers of diverse ages and abilities to perform in this work. […]

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upcoming: Please Make This Work.

In early 2015 Control Group completed its final Salon Romantik series project, culminating nearly 4 years of research, experimentation, and 7 different performance creations. In 2015-17 Control Group is diving into a variety of new explorations, pursuing several different new work concepts simultaneously. Here’s one of the projects we’re currently digging into: Please Make This […]

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dances made to be viewed in the dark (series outline)

There’s a thing that happens in the absence of light.   An impermanence and mutability of the nature of things, an absence that unfolds a subtle new presence into the invisible space.   The world arrives fragmented, partial, fluid and amorphous.   A gap opens between perception and comprehension, and our awareness unfurls into the […]


Salon works series

Romanticism & CREATION (re-creation). Why Romanticism as a topic for not just one but several performance works? What are we aiming to do with these works? Romanticism and Rationalism form the binary of the modern era. The Romantic ethos emerges from the irrational, passionate interior of the human psyche, rejecting science, reason, and societal norms […]


Carbondale Residency 2015

We’re very excited to announce that Control Group will be the Spring 2015 Artist in Residence with the Dance Initiative in Carbondale. At their phenomenal new multi-arts space The Launchpad we’ll be teaching monthly workshops, creating a new choreographic work on dance company CoMotion, and sharing a new version of Control Group’s newest work Salon […]


Jan. 24-25: CREATION (re-creation)

The final opus in the Salon works series January 23 @ 7:30pm January 24 @ 5pm & 7:30pm $24 General Admission | $16 Students & Seniors Tickets online here A delicate, spastic, surreal meditation on how our creations come alive. A vision coaxed from the teeming void, an imperfect replica, an act of capitulation. A […]


Aug. 31: perma|COUTURE episode 1

Control Group Productions presents perma|COUTURE, episode 1 a Salon Romantik, op.4 event A tandem creation by Production LAPS (Canada) and Control Group Productions Sunday August 31 @ 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm at Forest Room 5 (map here) Admission $12 / $8 for students & seniors (tickets here) A questioning of the industry of cultural production. […]