CGP Newsletter 9/13/12

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We’ve got class & more.

We’re into September and getting back to full speed awesomeness with CGP. Some great activities of all sorts are coming up:

Control Group Company Class
Wednesdays 10-11:45am
work|space Denver, $12 / 5 for $50
An advanced/professional contemporary movement laboratory. Open to experienced movers of all sorts.

CGP Special Event 9/29
Control Group joins an absolutely phenomenal group of musical/visual/performing artists (locals Rori Knudtson and Rubedo, plus Cody Chestnutt and others) at the Blacktop Festival. Sept. 29, outdoors at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

New Residents at work|space
This week choreographer/performers Cortney McGuire and Tara Rynders and videographer Drummond West initiate an artist residency, headed for performances in Spring 2013. Stay tuned for classes, open rehearsals, and an amazing final event by these excellent artists.

And of course, look left for all the great events upcoming in the work|space Fall 2012 season.

Save the date: CGP 2013
Control Group’s new work is in process.
Salon Romantik, op.2: constellations in a dreamscape sky (working title) continues our research into the history and ideologies of Romanticism, bringing together an incredible community of artists to reveal the ineffable sublimity and irrepressible chaos of a world filled with wonder and awe.
Save the dates! Jan. 25-Feb. 2, 2013.

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Patrick Mueller