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Denver's Experimental Art and Performance Laboratory

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Control Group’s medium is live performance (occasionally also video), using all available tools to make the work at hand. The purpose and process dictate the form of the product. If that’s just a bunch of bullshit to you, Control Group is a dance company working in a different style for each piece.
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CGP is directed by Patrick Mueller with assistant direction by Kristine Whittle. Hallie Bauernschmidt rounds out the current company, along with collaborators Brian Freeland and Amelia Charter.
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CGP founded and directed the Packing House Center for the Arts for the duration of that venue's existence (2009-10), and founded and co-directed work|space Denver, where the company was in residence 2011-13. CGP is now in an on-going artist residency at Colorado Conservatory of Dance, where Control Group's Artist Director, Patrick Mueller, is lead faculty and Program & Production Coordinator.

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Indiegogo Campaign 2014 (featuring footage from Salon Romantik series, opuses 1-3)


Retrospective of works 2009-2012

CGP work sample 2009-2012 extended from Patrick Mueller on Vimeo.


Control Group Productions 2009|2010 Retrospective
An 8-minute edit of footage from:
Demolition Queens (2010)
A Treatise on Endless Struggle and the Crystallized Moment of Impact (2010)
A Treatise on the Effects of Light and Heat on Frozen Bodies and the Importance of Emptiness when Falling (2009)
A Treatise on Frozen Smiles and the Ephemeral Purity of Falling Snow (2009)

Sections from Control Group’s debut work A Treatise on Frozen Smiles and the Ephemeral Purity of Falling Snow:
Gala Excerpt 1  Gala Excerpt 2  Gala Excerpt 3 
Gala Excerpt 4  Gala Excerpt 5  Gala Excerpt 6

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Contact the company

Patrick Mueller, Artistic Director
4715 Perry St., Denver, CO 80212

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