Dance Night for Beginners Episode 6

Dance Night for Beginners

Professional Dance for Beginner Audiences

Episode 6: Special One-Year Anniversary Edition


May 22, 8pm

Featuring: Kim Olson/Sweet Edge, KC Chun-Manning, Jen Golonka, and Tara Rynders

For the one-year anniversary of DNfB, we’ve invited some of our fiercest former competitors back for a championship round. This is a no-holds-barred, may-the-best-dance-win-by-fair-means-or-foul old school throw-down. ANYTHING GOES.

THE CONCEPT: This is a dance-with-sports-commentary showcase. The basic idea is to give the audience a chance to enjoy a good piece of art, then to add a comedic element of analysis that may offer some insight or may simply invite engagement by saying out loud the dumbest thought the viewer had while watching the first time. There’s a silly trophy that gets awarded each episode, so there’s a comparative assessment as well as artistic analysis.

THE STRUCTURE: Each piece is first performed in its pure state. Finish, bows and clapping, then the performer(s) stand in front of the judge/commentators’ table and discuss the work with the panel. The judges will make some requests for choreographic enhancement, and they may change your music, costumes, choreography, etc. The piece is performed again, and it is the performers’ choice whether and how to incorporate the requested changes – just remember, the trophy is at stake! During the second run-through, the judges commentator, cajole, cheer, jeer, and generally make asses of themselves. After the second run, the performers again join the judges in front of the table to receive their marks and remarks. At the end of the night, we award the trophy to the deserving winners.

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