The arts are a precious cultural commodity.

Support for the arts is an investment in our community’s vibrancy, richness, intelligence, and character - and your support is crucial.

We are a small, passion-driven organization working in a region that is struggling to build a robust arts ecosystem. We're able to do what we do because of donations by individuals like you who recognize the invaluable contribution that Control Group makes to our local culture and community.

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The Gift that gives back. December 18 - 31, every donation to Control Group will be rewarded with a free ticket to Salon Romantik: CREATION (re-creation). That's right, no matter the donation amount we'll meet your generosity with the same. The catch: you have to give the ticket to someone else.

That's right, we ask that you don't use the ticket yourself, but instead, in the spirit of the holidays, share the love with a friend, loved one, colleague, stranger on the street - anyone whom you think deserves the gift of an amazing aesthetic experience.

Send us the recipient's name and contact information (through Paypal, by email, on the memo line of the check, scrawled on a Benjamin) and we'll contact them to reserve a seat to the show of their choice. 

And if you don't like the catch? You can come along too! Donations of $40 or more will receive (2) tickets - one for you and one for that friend/love one/colleague/stranger.

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CREATION (re-creation). Control Group's final Salon Romantik work explores what it is to replicate something (imperfectly) and let it come alive. Made out of materials from past Salons, this work has become an entirely original creation: a delicate, spastic, surreal meditation on shifting realities in a creative void.
Performances Jan. 23-24, 2015.

devotion's last full measureControl Group's next project, slated for performances in late 2015, examines the requirements of our commitment to causes larger than ourselves - the action of spirituality in the modern age.
Premiere late 2015 / early 2016.

Please Make This Work. Part creative project, part outreach program, this work invites every audience member into Control Group's rehearsal process as a guest director of a new work. From in-school activities to a gallery installation to a stage performance, this work will take its cues and impetus from the audience's input, creating the work you want to see right there in front of your eyes.
Not yet scheduled.

New Vision Training. This outreach program aims to go deep vs. broad, working for prolonged periods with small groups of students to develop artistic and life skills through dance-making. Focusing on how we see and respond, how we manifest intention, and how we follow the thing in process to completion, this program aims to create a fundamental shift in how its participants see the world.
Fall 2015.


Two basic premises underpin our belief in the value of and the need for our activities: ART MAKES BETTER HUMANS and BETTER HUMANS MAKE A BETTER WORLD. These are not assumptions; in fact, they have borne out repeatedly in studies of the role of the arts in economic vitality, the effects of arts in schools on students’ academic performance, and the direct relationship between regularity of aesthetic experiences and quality of life. Art cannot replace food, water, shelter, and health; but it can help create a culture where those needs are more available because the economy is more robust, the culture is more open and thoughtful, and people are more highly educated and capable.

The Denver/Boulder/Front Range community that we serve is not comprehensively starved for art. Rather, the local arts communities (like that of any locality) have strengths and weaknesses, surpluses and gaps in their offerings to the broader society.  CGP ’s inception and development have been needs-driven. We have identified areas within Colorado’s growing arts culture that desperately demand attention, and have structured our programs to answer unfulfilled needs. We provide a platform for local artists to innovate, for emerging artists to grow, for hungry audiences to experience unique new works, for professionals and aspiring professionals to advance their skills, and for artists and audiences to participate in the evolving global arts dialogue. By doing these things we serve the whole local arts community by making it more expansive and robust; by doing that, we serve the well-being of the entire local culture.


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