8/29-9/7. Salon Romantik, op. 3: Fear & Prophets


Salon Romantik, op.3:

A multi-site-specific performance and cultural-historical bus tour from downtown through Denver's industrial wastelands to the wildernesses of Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Created by Control Group Productions
Presented in partnership with The Biennial of the Americas and work|space Denver
August 29 - September 7, 2013 (Thu/Fri/Sat each week)

ALL PERFORMANCES start at Coohills. A French Restaurant
1400 Wewatta St.
Denver, CO 80202
On 9/5 and 9/6 we will have limited access to the restaurant, and the event will begin in front of the entrance.
Click here for more information about Parking, Dinner Reservations, etc.

TIMES: Show begins at 5:45, after a pre-show beginning at 5:15. Bus boards at 5:45pm and returns around 8:15pm. Come early and enjoy delicious food and libations at our start/end locale.

TICKETS: $30 at the door / $25 online at http://fearandprophets.bpt.me
$20 Students and Seniors.

Join Control Group Productions and the Biennial of the Americas on an epic journey from Denver’s urban core to its resurgent wildernesses, tracking human imprint on our natural environment.

Histories, futures, and fictions collide as we travel by bus through built and natural environs from historical downtown through industrial wastelands to the revitalized natural beauty of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. An entirely unique experience of our city, FEAR & PROPHETS reaches into the past to see the future, slamming together Manifest Destiny, the modern Romantic ethos, and pop-culture renderings of the Apocalypse to prophecy our downfall and our prospects for salvation.

This multi-site-specific avant garde performance fuses dance, theatre, poetry, design, and live-interactive sound technologies into a journey through the cracks in our known world and into the wilderness beneath.

Deteriorating urban fabrics and human imprint on the environment.
The end of Manifest Destiny and the myth of endless progress.
Visions of the Apocalypse and Nature resurgent.
The Romanticism of the End Times.


Conceived and Created by Control Group Productions
Direction by Patrick Mueller
Development and Performance by Hallie Bauernschmidt, Patrick Mueller, Taylor Semin, Kate Speer, and Kristine Whittle
Sound Design by Brian Freeland and Eric Michelson
Fashion Design by Tricia Hoke
Costume Design by Kristine Whittle
Site Design by Sergio Preston

Control Group is a platform for research into the revolutionary/transcendental potentials of form, mode, content, and aesthetics. Its harnesses malleable, innovative practices of making and sharing live art in an open medium format. It offers compelling, immersive, ecological, communal/individual experiences of you and me and here and other worlds. It is a propulsive release in the unknown.
Working primarily in embodied performance forms, Control Group creates 1-2 major works per year and regularly co-presents the work of other artists and companies at its home venue work|space Denver. In its 2012-13 season Control Group performed new works at the American Dance Festival and hosted its first international touring companies.

Control Group activities are supported by the Biennial of the Americas, the Western States Arts Federation, the National Endowment for the Arts, several family foundations, and many individual supporters. Patrick Mueller directs the company with assistant direction by Kristine Whittle. In 2009-10 CGP was the permanent resident company of the Packing House Center for the Arts, where it curated original works by several dozen local and touring artists and companies. It now co-directs work|space Denver alongside experimental theatre company The LIDA Project.

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***Tours NOW start from ONE LOCATION ONLY: Coohills French restaurant. Arrive early (5-5:30pm), get happy, and take in the pre-show. The tour ends at 8:15pm, just in time for a fashionably late dinner - make sure to make reservations in advance! Details:

coohill-logo Coohills is a French restaurant in LoDo.

With strong local flavor and sourcing. From Hudson Valley Foie Gras Torchon to Colorado Rack of Lamb, their menu promises an extraordinary culinary experience...
Location and Parking: 1400 Wewatta St., Denver. Enter from Wewatta at Cherry Creek. Secure parking available on the premises - enter from Wewatta or Wynkoop; $5 flat rate starting at 5pm.
Dinner Reservations: Call 303-623-5700 for 8:30pm reservations. Make sure to mention that you're with FEAR & PROPHETS - they're generously donating a portion of their proceeds to Control Group, so know that enjoying your amazing dinner will help amazing art happen!
NOTE: We'll have limited access to Coohills on 9/5 and 9/6, so aim to take care of sustenance and facilities needs before arriving (we recommend The Squeaky Bean as another great local hang-out).

What to Bring:

During the tour we'll be out and about - in alleys, parks, and wild nature - so be ready! We recommend bringing:
-Closed-toed shoes
-Windbreaker or Umbrella
-Bug Spray
-Camera (please share your best shots with us!)

We'll provide water and beverages on the bus.

Check back here the week of the show for any additional details that may arise.

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This event takes you by bus to several different locations across the Denver metro area. Traveling in style in the Epic Party Bus, you'll head from downtown into the industrial belt and out to the wildernesses of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. You'll see your city with new eyes, peaking into it's lost corners and wandering it's forgotten trails.

At each location you'll disembark and experience a site-specific performance with visual installation. The performances will engage, embrace, mutate, and explode the function and aesthetics of each site, transforming your view of your cityscape and what's possible there. The performance will follow you on to the bus, accompanying your journey with narration of Denver's histories and fictions, and our musings on the future and the current state of things.

Each stop will involve short walks around the site.

At dusk we'll board the bus and return to our start location, where our restaurant partner will be waiting to revive you after your journeys (please make reservations in advance - see Where to go / What to bring for details).

Approximate Timeline:
5:00-5:45: Meet at a downtown locale for drinks & pre-show.
5:45-6:20: Walk to Site #1 - a hidden fold of our urban fabric.
6:20-6:35: Travel by bus to Site #2 (w/ video and narration).
6:35-7:05: Wander Site #2 - a borderland between city & nature.
7:05-7:20: Travel by bus to Site #3 (w/ video and narration).
7:20-7:55: Wander Site #3 - nature resurgent after devastation.
7:55-8:15: Travel by bus back to the start location.
8:15-late: Chat with the artists and enjoy a great dinner at our host restaurant! (food not included in ticket price)
Duration of tour: 2.5 hours
Distanced walked/hiked: ca. 1 mile

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Deteriorating urban fabrics and human imprint on the environment.
The end of Manifest Destiny and the myth of endless progress.
Visions of the Apocalypse and Nature resurgent.
The Romanticism of the End Times.

Take an epic journey from Denver’s urban core to its resurgent wildernesses, tracking human imprint on our natural environment. Histories, futures, and fictions collide in an immersive avant garde performance event that slams together Manifest Destiny, the modern Romantic ethos, and pop-culture renderings of the Apocalypse to prophecy our downfall and our prospects for redemption.

Presented in association with the 2013 Biennial of the Americas, FEAR & PROPHETS brings audiences a unique experience of the city: a bus tour through the city’s post-human spaces: hidden corners and resurgent wildernesses that are returning to nature, completing the cycle of human conquest, dominance, and collapse.

Narration and videography accompany the journey from downtown’s thriving urban core through desolate corners of North Denver and Commerce City to the revitalized wilds of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. Several stops give audience a chance to enter unique settings and engage live performance installations created by Control Group and our collaborators.

This performance/installation/experimentally-structured event is entirely unique in its form and medium: a reimagining of modes of production and presentation. Starting points at various downtown locales engage local businesses and encourage a festive, adventurous atmosphere in balance with the dark subject matter – after all, what better time for a hilarious, unique, mind-bending experience than the beginning of the end of the world?

This third of five Control Group-led explorations of Romanticism – its history and ideologies, its echoes into other historical contexts and the contemporary world – extends our research into the future as well as the past, using Romantic thought and perspectives to channel pop fixations with apocalyptica, explore local history and culture, and examine our relationship with nature and our lived environment. The result is an entirely unique, immersive, open-ended aesthetic experience, equally part provocative and entertaining.

A JOURNEY: The project follows the waterways and rail lines that first connected Denver to the world beyond its borders. Cherry Creek, the Platte River, and the historic Denver Pacific Railway line (now part of the Union Pacific). These arteries, fed crucial resources to the city, underpinning the dynamic growth of the region. Running parallel out of Denver, they offer a potent image of modernity in process - technology and nature in competition, carrying the products and by-products of a community dependent on the outside.

Our project travels from Denver's thriving urban core out through ravaged, often dehumanized industrial wastelands to Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge - the revitalized nature reserve that was once a chemical weapons manufacturing site. This path pursues progress in reverse - or, more accurately, through the retrograde spectrum of a cycle. We look at how nature, held at bay or tightly controlled in the urban core, creeps back into spaces barely inhabitable, resurgent and entropic in its reclamation process. Engaging imagery from pop culture's current fixation with Apocalyptica, we examine different futures, from catastrophic to utopian, where the power dynamic of human and nature shifts - an end to an infestation, or a return to balance and harmony.

SITES: We'll explore our local world through both sites and the routes between them, embedding our performance into the history and social fabric of the locations we journey through.

• Downtown Denver and Cherry Creek: Denver's urban core and beating heart.

• River North Arts District: Denver's current frontier - an arts settlement in the city's dilapidated warehouse district.

• Northside Park: Denver's recovered waste water treatment plant. An aestheticized remnant of the industrial age, a semi- re-emerging from its devastating human imprint.

• Sand Creek: These waters have seen devastation ranging from massacres of indigenous peoples to leakage from Commerce City's petroleum refineries. Beneath the overpasses that hide the soiled river from view are stunning mausoleums to human presence: an ode to the rampant sprawl of concrete and also to a resurgent natural beauty that defies its critical illness and pollution.• Rocky Mtn. Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge: a former chemical weapons manufacturing and storage facility, rehabilitated into a verdant reserve for natural ecology and animal life. Nature resurgent and thriving after the devastations of human touch.

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