GAP Initiative

The Guest Artist Presenting (GAP) Initiative responds to a critical need in Colorado’s performing arts infrastructure: a path for emerging artists to develop and self-produce ambitious new works.

Started in 2017, the GAP Initiative brings to bear Control Group’s full spectrum of equipment, experience, and human resources on a new production by a local emerging artist ready for a major career leap.


2019-20 GAP Initiative applications are being accepted through Feb. 3, 2019.

Read the Facts & FAQs below, then click these links for full details on how to apply.

Request for Proposals – GAP Initiative 2019

Download the Budget Template here.

Facts & FAQs: 2019-20 GAP application

Before reading the entire RFP, we recommend reading the following info:

What am I proposing? Proposed projects can come from any live performance-based medium or mixture of media, but should fit under the broad header of Immersive Performance. They must culminate in a live performance event.

When should the project happen? The project can be in-process, or begin at any time after notification of the award. Culminating performances must happen over 1-4 weeks between Nov. 15, 2019 and May 1, 2020.

Where should the event happen? The culminating event must happen in Boulder, Broomfield, or Adams counties.

Is Social Engagement required? Yes, every project must include a social engagement component, either in the artistic process or the final event. This could be community-engaged research activities, outreach classes, targeted ticket subsidies, or other activities in service of the artistic process.

Who can apply? Independent artists, companies, and collectives may apply. Applicants do not need to have a business entity, established company, or non-profit status. The GAP Initiative particularly targets artists poised for a major career leap.

What is included in the award? Each GAP project receives an individualized package of support that includes project funds, production equipment and personnel, and comprehensive administrative and artistic support throughout the project.

What are the review criteria? We focus on artistic quality, audience impact, and impact on the artist's career. We value diversity, innovation, research-driven creative process, and socially engaged artistic practices.

How long is the proposal? 3-5 pages – a 700-word Narrative, Project Budget, Work Samples, and CV. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to

Past & current GAP Artists

Kate Speer: [Colony 933], January 2018

Ondine Geary: WAKE (working title), June 2019

Deepali Lindblum / Roshni: Mountains Made For Us, July 2019