Happy Holidays!

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Dear Jesus,

It’s almost our first birthday.  It’s almost your 2009th.  In celebration of our special days, I hope you can join us for some good old-fashioned revelry at our modest little “stable” in North Denver.

Your friend,

The Packing House Center for the Arts

That’s right!  It’s just about a year since we moved into 835 E. 50th Ave., and in honor of our birthday, and Jesus’s, and Buddha’s, and Krishna’s, and Quetzlcoatl’s, and Ryan Seacrest’s, WE’RE THROWING A SWEET PARTY.  And not just any party…

The PHCA 2009 Holiday Bash and Benefit Shake-down Extravaganza!!

Saturday December 19th


donations kindly accepted

We’re lining up live music, dance, and theatre performances by over a dozen artists, hanging our walls with beautiful art, and laying out a Silent Auction spread of some of the best Christmas shopping available in the 80216 zip-code.  And we just might mix up some of Grandpa’s patented extra-special Eggnog.

Program of Spectacular Entertainment

6:30-7:00     Live Christmas Music

7:00-7:30     Butoh Christmas Pageant by Syzygy Butoh

7:30-8:00     More Live Christmas Music with Nutcracker Jazz Odyssey

8:00-8:30     N(u)t/CrackED!, a dance compilation*

8:30-9:00     Awards from the raffle and the Silent Auction**

9:00-late      Great Live Music

*featuring performances by

Susan Coates
Jen Golonka
Patrick Mueller
Kristine Whittle
and more…

**featuring a seriously Christmas-licious collection of gifts for your loved ones and yourself:

Beautiful art pieces
Buffalo Exchange gift certificates
vintage clothing
lawn furniture
massage gift certificates
much more…

Dress Code

To show our commitment to a non-denominational multi-cultural holiday party, we are presenting you with two options:

Terrible Christmas Sweaters: Worse than bad, these need to damage the vision of those around you…

Snowflake Finery:  If you still miss your high school’s Winter Ball, pull out your iciest black-and-white styles and strut it.

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