Jan. 25-Feb. 2: Salon Romantik, opus 2

Control Group Productions and Friends present

Salon Romantik, opus 2: of bounded solitudes in tangled constellation strung across the bright abyss

January 25 & 26, February 1 & 2
at work|space Denver
2701 Lawrence St., Denver 80205
Admission on-going 7:30-9pm

Tickets $20 / $17 online
Includes performances, installations, party games, tea, and handmade chocolates.

A Romantic salon.
A gallery performance party.
An entirely unique aesthetic experience.

Solitary points in the infinite abyss. Parts and whole. The filamental, imagined lines between and through. An energetic matrix: object, atmosphere, and correlation. Recklessly, blissfully we cast our sublime solitudes into the irrepressible, ecstatic chaos of this web of things.

A performance/installation/experimentally-structured two-week event featuring independent, collaborative, and intersected works by a dozen extraordinary artists. A reimagining of modes of production and presentation.

This second of five Control Group-led explorations of Romanticism – its history and ideologies, its echoes into other historical contexts, including the present – extends our research on to a new, broader platform: a true artist salon. Pursuing independent work toward a unified vision, we create a unique, multivalent, organically-structured, aesthetically rich experience where we invite our guests to enter into our world and become part of the event.

Performance by Patrick Mueller, Rori Knudtson, Kristine Whittle, Hallie Bauernschmidt, Katie Anhalt, and Erica Augden
Fashion by Tricia Hoke
Space Design by Becky Heavner, Andrew Benson, Sergio Preston, Rori Knudtson, and Patrick Mueller
Sound by Brian Freeland, Marcella Delapaz, and others
Chocolate and Tea by Serina Hamilton
Performative Bartending by Joern Langshorst
and much more…

Contact info: Patrick@controlgroupproductions.org

Control Group Productions is a dance company / research platform into live performance. We create intermedia performance and dance theatre: immersive, transportive, finely crafted experiences of you and me and here and other worlds. Through site and public space work, architectural inverventions, and audience-interactivity, we seek to reconsider structures of making and sharing art. We aim to build a sustainable arts future through administering and actively curating a small venue.

Founded in 2008 by Patrick Mueller, CGP creates one to three major works each year, ranging from stage events to installation to film. Additionally, we regularly create mobile site and public space works. Our work has been presented by the Denver Theatre District, Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, BINDERY|space, Boulder Fringe, ARTOPIA by Westword, and others, with most premieres at our home venue work|space Denver. Our most recent work, Salon Romantik, opus 1: Wanderers in the Sea of Fog, toured to North Carolina in 2012 for performance as part of the American Dance Festival MFA Performance series. The first of five pieces dealing with Romanticism, fairytale, 1960’s avant garde philosophy, and contemporary pop culture, Salon 1 engages narratives of crossroads and faery worlds through continually mutating characters from Hansel and Gretel to Vaslav Nijinsky to lost dogs to the Devil.

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