July 10, 8pm: Dance Night for Beginners #7: ONE-NIGHT STANDS

July 10, 8pm

Dance Night for Beginners #7: ONE NIGHT STANDS

$12 at door / $9 online here

Mary Haan Dances
Danielle Hendricks
M*Shaka*Fusion/Melanie Milow
Sarah Leversee and Marci Wojciechowski of Art as Action

Never seen professional dance?
Seen way too much of it?
Dance Night for Beginners, PHCA’s patented performance-with-sports-commentary showcase, offers you a crash course in dance-viewing, with expert analysis, profound interpretation, and works of splendorous artistic genius ranging from the stunning to the flabbergasting to the downright obscene.

Kick off DNfB’s second year with a polygamous look at the Duet. Inspired by the ideals of free love and improvisational prowess, we pair up partners from different pieces and watch the magic happen!

HOW IT WORKS: Four choreographers each show a short piece twice through. The first time the audience enjoys the pure version; the second time the performance is followed by commentators representing both the veteran and the novice spectator perspectives. The commentary, ranging from insighful to insipid, offers you new (and stupider) ways of viewing dance as an expressive art. If you’ve ever wondered what the hell those people are rolling around on the floor about; if you’ve ever sought the perfect amalgamation of the olympics, dog-shows, and high art; if you’ve ever yearned for new depth and intensity of meaning in your life, THIS IS IT.

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