July 17-18: Presence and Embodiment – A Weekend Intensive

PHCA’s Professional Development Program presents

Presence and Embodiment: A Weekend Intensive
with Control Group, Kim Olson/sweet edge, and Syzygy Butoh

July 17, 10am-5pm and July 18, 11am-4pm


This workshop addresses Presence as the foundation for physical performance, developing techniques and approaches for more full, diverse, and compelling embodiment of dance vocabulary, movement improvisation, and the choreographic process. Equal parts technique, theory, and application, this workshop stimulates new perspectives to familiar movement and leads our bodies into fully unique and unexpected vocabularies and aesthetics.
Each day will begin with a dance technique class that leads into topical explorations in repertory, improvisation, and choreography. Vegan, gluten-free lunch is included on Saturday.

Schedule: Saturday 7/17, 10am-5pm
10am-1pm Creating from the Blank State: Aesthetics Choreography Lab (I) with Kim Olson (sweet edge dance)
1-2pm Lunch
2-3pm Discussion: Theories and Practices of Embodiment with Patrick Mueller (Control Group)
3-5pm The Body Template of the Universe: Butoh with Nathan Montgomery (Syzygy Butoh)

Schedule: Sunday 7/18, 11am-4pm
11am-2pm Embodying Repertory with Patrick Mueller and Kristine Whittle (Control Group)
2:30-4pm Aesthetics Choreography Lab (II) with Kim Olson (sweet edge dance)

Please pre-register with Kristine at kristine.whittle@gmail.com by Friday July 16th. Individual classes are open for drop-in.

$100 full weekend (includes vegetarian, gf lunch on Saturday)
$70 Saturday only including lunch
$50 Sunday only
Individual Workshop Prices:
1 hr: $15
1.5 hr: $20
2 hr: $25
3 hr: $40
Lunch: $5

These intensives are geared toward professional level participants, however interested individuals with relevant experience are welcome.



Creating from the Blank State: Aesthetics Choreography Lab
Aesthetic experiences are those in which we receive a heightened sense of perception via the senses. They can transcend reason and purpose, suspend judgement and delve into the deeper connections that bind and effect us profoundly. With exploratory movement and writing exercises designed to open perceptivity and hone the senses, we clear the slate of chatter in the mind and body and create movement scores from the most unusual sources and unexpected insights. Discover new channels of seeing and being. Open to all levels and abilities.
Kim Olson Bio

The Body Template of the Universe
In this training we will explore new ways of moving our bodies in relation to gravity, space and time by working with imagery from cycles in nature. We will start with a warm up incorporating Noguchi gymnastics, bio energetics and image based movement sequences designed to open the energy centers and balance the body. We will then explore our own movement through an exploration of three stages of a flower (bud, bloom and withering). Through studying flower we will explore the basic energy pattern of life and death and how this relates to our dance, weather it be one gesture or an entire evening performance.
Nathan Montgomery Bio

Embodying Repertory
There is a fundamental contradiction in the act of repeatedly performing set movement with full presence. How do we recreate an experience with freshness and experience it ourselves as if it were new? This class tackles this conundrum through a focused exploration of artistic and aesthetic choices. We will use the infinite variability within choreographed movement to discover deeper meanings of the movement’s skeleton, and to sculpt a dual presence, where we are both following the choreography and also exploring the world of the piece for the first time.
Control Group Bio

Discussion: Theories and Practices of Embodiment
This is a first attempt to outline a conceptual and practical approach to consciously developing and manipulating presence in performance, improvisation, and the creative process. The journal-style draft dissertation examines the often-static presence employed by various traditional performance genres, creates variables to explore broader options methodically, and introduces the question of how specific options correlate strongly, even inherently, with certain expressive purposes.
Control Group Bio


We aim to keep our Professional Development programming affordable for working artists.  Please contact us if you have a strong interest in the workshop and are not able to pay the full fee.

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