July 29-31, 8pm: The Lovinator by Wax Wing Inc.

The Lovinator
by Wax Wing Inc. and The Pirate Band

July 29-31, 8pm

Tickets $14 at the door / $11 in advance here

A Co-production with
The Packing House Center for the Arts
and the Boulder International Fringe Festival

In a land far, far away, where time is circular, where boobs are holy, poets mad, illustrious punks of progress shriek, where souls are outlawed and hearts are sick… the second coming has come and will come again. We call it Rock ‘n Roll Tableau Vivant. It’s like Jesus Ziggy Christ Super Stardust silent film full of NOISE. You will be guided through the perils of Jesus as he manifests in a world that bears no resemblance to our own, of course… of course.

The Lovinator is brought to you by The Pirate Band (led by singers/songwriters Brian Powell and Craig Gunteski) and The Wax Wing Ensemble from the lowlands of Naropia.

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