June 12-13: Movement and Meaning – a Weekend Intensive

PHCA’s Professional Development program
In association with Control Group and Band of Toughs
presents the first event in


An exploration of the relationship between mechanics and expression through the lenses of dance, acting, movement theatre, and somatics

Saturday June 12, 10am-6pm
Sunday June 13, 12-4pm

This intensive brings together experts in various approaches to the body in performance. Through the interplay between our physical functioning and expressive capabilities, we will seek a more full embodiment of material and a richer performance palette. Ultimately, we will identify paths toward integration of action and intention, where they cease being layers and become a singular event.

Instructor-Facilitators: Joan Bruemmer and Cynthia Ward of Band of Toughs
Kristine Whittle and Patrick Mueller of Control Group

Schedule: Saturday June 12

10-11am: Somatics into Movement: This dance-based class focuses on body mechanics, cleaning fundamental coordinations with simple movements then gradually increasing the demands on control, propulsion, and momentum. Anatomical information about hard and soft structures inform the practice. The class builds from a gentle, introspective warm-up to a dynamic exploration of movement mechanics and personal interpretation. Instructor: Patrick Mueller

11am-12:30pm: Touch and Intention: We move from internal to external through the skin, gathering information and transmitting ourselves through this sensory organ. This class explores the tactile experience of movement and the use of physical touch as a means of relating to others and our surroundings. Through improvisation, contact work, and physical tasks we will engage the mechanics of weight support, momentum, and movement quality through the expression of intention. We will seek a radiant and responsive skin where touch is simultaneously seeking and communicating information. Instructor: Patrick Mueller

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch: A vegan, gluten-free lunch will be served.  This is included in full-day and full-weekend participation.  Please pre-register so that we can plan for the correct numbers.

1:30-3:00pm: Sourcing from the 7 Energy Centers: Each of the seven energy centers of the body reflect an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives: from instinctual behavior to consciously planned strategies, from emotions to artistic creations. Through breath work, sounding, and base movement we will briefly acquaint ourselves with and experience each center of the subtle body as a means to develop more fully embodied characters and source material. Instructor: Kristine Whittle

3:00-4:30pm: The Fluid Systems of the Body: An introduction to the fluid systems of the body and the use of their particular qualities as inspiration for movement and character. The class will include work on arterial and venous blood flow, cerebro-spinal fluid, synovial fluid, and lymph. Instructor: Cynthia Ward

4:30-6:00pm: The Sensory-Motor Loop: An experiential introduction to how sensation and movement can be related. The class will include a brief introduction to the anatomical structure of the sensory/motor nerve loop. Students will experience a gradual but full transition from stillness and awareness of sensation to full, expressive movement arising from sensation. Instructor: Cynthia Ward

Schedule: Sunday June 13

12:00-3:30pm: Take it to the Bridge: Composing in Space and Time
Participants will be given an introduction to the Viewpoints horizontal approach to the elements of theater. Participants will isolate and enter into dialogue with space, time, movement, shape, emotion and story. Through the Viewpoints Practice, participants will recognize areas or shapes of empty space (negative space), spatial pattern, kinesthesia; and practicing direct response to them. The workshop will explore the flexibility of the Viewpoints as a practice, a laboratory, and a technique for generating material. We will use composition work as the bridge between improvisational creation and its application to written material. We will explore how Viewpoints can be applied to already scripted work. We will use structured improvisations that allow the participants to explore the elements theatrical creation as it applies to original work and written materials. We then take these elements into creating compositions on the fly. This work improves physical awareness, flexibility, confidence, and clarity. It is ideal for actors, directors, and playwrights alike. The Viewpoints help build confidence and more dynamic work within any ensemble. Instructor: Joan Bruemmer

3:30-4:00pm: Synthesis: We will wrap up the intensive with a closing discussion focusing on moving forward with the materials, approaches, and information that we have researched throughout the weekend.

Full Weekend: $100
Saturday: $70 (includes lunch)
Sunday: $35
1.5 hr class: $15
1 hr class: $10
Lunch: $5 (must pre-register)

Please pre-register with Kristine at kristine.whittle@gmail.com by Friday June 11th. Drop-in is allowable for everything except lunch.

These intensives are geared toward professional level participants, however interested individuals with relevant experience are welcome.

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