Letter to Donors

Dear fans, friends, and associates of Control Group Productions,

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with all the goodness! Over the last year, Control Group has taken some amazing steps forward:

  • Two spectacular, critically acclaimed new works, and a bundle of appearances at events across the Front Range;
  • Our long-awaited 501c3 charter as a non-profit organization;
  • And a fantastic new home venue in fantastic partnership with experimental theatre company the LIDA Project.

Up-coming, our first tour outside Colorado, with performances at American Dance Festival in North Carolina in July; and the first international tours to our venue this coming October. Truly, our hard work and steady vision is bearing extraordinary fruit, and we are achieving the full range of goals that drove us to begin this project just three years ago.

We are getting there! We are creating the change we want to see in our community, and we couldn’t be doing it without your solid and ardent support. And so, glowing with these successes we are coming to you with a plea for help, an invitation to get involved in new ways, and a belief that together we are changing the face of our culture in ways that are crucial, far-reaching, and incredibly exciting.

Your help will have an immediate effect that also stretches far into the future, ensuring our stability through our these steps forward and setting us up to continue our trajectory of growth sustainably and successfully over the coming year and beyond. We exist on a robust mix of earned income, private donations, and foundation (and hopefully soon governmental) support. Your donations are crucial part of this equation! We are seeking to raise $4,000 within the next month, money that will contribute to two important organizational needs:

Touring Expenses: Control Group is headed out on its first tour! This is a HUGE opportunity to present our work to new audiences, and at American Dance Festival no less! – one of the most prominent gatherings of dance professionals and students in the world. With private support covering our accommodations and existing company funds covering many other associated costs, we are turning to you for help with the travel costs of $2,000.

New Equipment: Our new facility requires an expansion of our sprung floor and “marley” (dance linoleum). This floor keeps the many dancers rehearsing, studying, and performing at work|space healthy, cushioning high-impact movement and providing a smooth surface with the right grip for the extreme dynamics of contemporary dance.

Seed Money for New Project: In the fall we’re starting a new project, the 2nd opus in the Salon Romantik series. Your contributions will help get us ready to jump in head-first in September for another exciting adventure into the beyond!

We believe strongly that the arts are a precious cultural commodity. Support for the arts is an investment in our community’s vibrancy, richness, intelligence, and character. The first donations have already come in! Please, join in this community effort to move our local culture forward with excellent new works, exciting opportunities for artists and audiences alike, and expanded participation in the 21st century global arts dialog.

And now for the fun part! We want to make sure you know how much we appreciate your support. As you consider how best to help, check out these great benefits for giving at different levels…


$10 Buddy (give at this level)
Reward: Poster from Salon Romantik, opus 1

Like that doll for boys back in the 80s – “My Buddy and me!” As our buddy, you’ll get a poster from CGP’s most recent show. You may also get a series of bad haircuts from us that leave you basically bald (sorry to all of our dolls that were defaced in this way). You may choose to waive some or all of these benefits. (image coming soon)

$25 Mate (give at this level)
Reward: CGP T-shirt

Mate is Australian for “anyone whom I happen to be addressing” – but we go with the nautical application, where it denotes a pertinent part of a ship’s crew. Your pertinence is denoted by a Control Group T-shirt that designates you far and wide and part of the hippest crew that ever crewed a crew. (image coming soon)

$50 PAL (give at this level)
Reward: DVD of Salon Romantik, opus 1

Short for Phase Alternating Line, PAL is the European standard for broadcasting and DVD encoding. This giving level gets you a DVD of our most recent work – and just because we love you, we’ll encode it in the American NTSC, just in case you don’t have a European DVD player.

$100 Compadre (give at this level)
Reward: DVD box set of CGP works 2009-2012
Compadre is Spanish for “old chum from way back.” To avoid pangs of nostalgia for us and our work, you’ll receive the limited edition DVD box set of Control Group’s 2009-2012 seasons. Plus, after the next show you attend we’ll talk about the good old days, possibly accompanied by some sangria.

$250 Crony (give at this level)
Reward: Art Print by Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi
As a Crony, you’re part of our elite inner circle – secret handshakes, back room meetings, and a special, individualized present from us to you: an 8×10” print from our photo shoot with phenomenal artists Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a choice of nudity or… less nudity. (images coming soon)

$500 BFF (give at this level)
Reward: All of the above! Plus VIP status for the next year
That’s right, Best Friend Forever! Actually, just for a year. But for that year you get EVERYTHING that we offer to any of our other (lesser) friends, plus you get free admission and VIP seating at all CGP events – and you’re welcome to come over pretty much any time and hang out.

$1,000 El Savior (give at this level)
Reward: Salvation of your immortal soul. (and other gifts as desired)

Also known as the Jebus Level, EL SAVIOR! is like Christmas for everyone. You’ll be greeted by a great “Hurrah!” every time you grace us with your presence, before being ushered to a seat of honor where you will be waited on hand and foot for the duration of your stay. A T-shirt – yours. DVDs – just say the word! Your name embossed on a seat – done. We may even name our first-born child after you! (first come first served on this)

Control Group Productions is a 501c3-chartered not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please know that, by accepting our gifts at each level of giving, the tax deductibility of your donation must be adjusted to reflect the value of the gift you receive.


Click on the links above to contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign, or you can contribute online through Paypal here.

To contribute by check, make check payable to ‘Control Group Productions and send it to:
Control Group Productions
4715 Perry St.
Denver, CO 80212

If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, we also accept envelopes of cash.

If you would like to help CGP and PHCA but aren’t able to donate financially, we are always looking for volunteers for building maintenance and renovations, advertising, and events staffing. Please sign up with Patrick at patrick@controlgroupproductions.org.
Thank you for your generous support of our ambitious young organization!

Patrick Mueller

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