upcoming: Please Make This Work.

In early 2015 Control Group completed its final Salon Romantik series project, culminating nearly 4 years of research, experimentation, and 7 different performance creations.

In 2015-17 Control Group is diving into a variety of new explorations, pursuing several different new work concepts simultaneously. Here's one of the projects we're currently digging into:

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Please Make This Work.

A process-as-product performance installation.
An evolutionary art object.
A real-time collaboration between artist and audience.
A challenge to standard conceptions of authorship, ownership, and product.

Please Make This Work is public space installation created by its viewers. It begins as a loose structure of actions by the performers, and asks each audience member who views it to step into the director's role, to make changes and develop ideas, to work with the dancers right then and there to advance the work.

The structure looks like an open rehearsal, with the company running materials, discussing, and taking feedback from the viewers. Guests are invited to work with the performers directly, coached by the director. Viewers learn the vocabulary of the work and process, receive specific primers and invitations, and try things out with the performers in real time.

The work progresses over its project period from loose structures to a "final" product that will ultimately shift from interactive installation to fully produced performance event. The project will lay bare Control Group's process and internal functioning, sharing authorship and the act of making the work with every viewer who engages the work.

Participation: Control Group is currently seeking interesting contexts to host this work – anything from public spaces that can house an extended (4-6 week) installation to public school assemblies, arts festivals, etc.

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