The M.A.P.S. Trailer: “Make Anywhere a Performance Space”

Make Anywhere a Performance Space with Control Group's M.A.P.S. Trailer.

Retail space? Easily.

Abandoned building? Totally.

Street corner? No problem.

Wilderness? Yup – it's done that before.

The MAPS Trailer is a box trailer full of gear – lighting, sound, A/V, soft goods, rigging, etc. It's staffed by Control Group personnel with a whole lot of experience conjuring venues in virtually any setting. It's available for events across the Front Range (and beyond? Really, ANYWHERE, we guess...), with scaled rates and subsidized pricing for artists and non-profits.

Interested? Contact us!


A pile of details:

The MAPS Trailer is a new initiative of Control Group's Artist Services Program. It anchors our GAP and HOME productions, and is available for hire or for collaborative producing activities with other artists and organizations.

The MAPS Trailer is available for hire for performance runs or one-time events. Rental includes the equipment and a knowledgeable technician / caretaker who can lead set-up and meet most technical needs for a live performance, including but not limited to: venue layout/design, lighting design and operation, sound operation, choreographic consultation, understudy for unreliable actors, and basic janitorial duties...



Base Rates
The following are estimates based on common usages. For an exact quote, please contact us with your event details.

Estimates include (1) technician able to provide full lighting design/installation/operation, sound installation/operation, and installation/operation of other equipment. Additional personnel may be required depending on design plan and implementation time.

(non-profit performance activities within M.A.P.S. programming area)

Piecemeal: 4-6 hour usage of limited equipment . . . $400-1,000

Single Day: 6-10 hour usage of equipment  . . . . . . . $1,200

Full Week: 7 day usage of equipment  . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500

Extra Weeks: for multi-week production run . . . . . . . $1,200

(for-profit activities outside of M.A.P.S. programming goals)

Piecemeal: 4-6 hour usage of limited equipment  . . $600-2,000

Single Day: 6-10 hour usage of equipment . . . . . . . $2,500

Full Week: 7 day usage of equipment . . . . . . . . . . . $5,500


Our current equipment holdings focus on the technical needs of performance – lights, sound, etc. We don't (yet) have seating or risers, or a transportable dance floor (but we'd sure love donations of those things, or dollars to buy them!).

Here's an approximate/incomplete inventory of its equipment:

Basic PA with 500W amp and balance components
8-channel mixer
(2) 500W EV speakers
(3) corded microphones & stands

For multi-room events (additional costs):
MOTU 16A Hybrid Audio Interface
Russound D1650 8-zone Amp
2,000' speaker cable
(10) 50W speakers


ETC Smartfade 48-channel board
(40) dimmer channels in (2) Leprecon 6-packs and (7) ADJ 4-packs
(3) Source4 Jr Zoomable ellipsoidal lights
(16) Par 64s
(2) Par 56s
(16) Par 38s
(2) strobe lights
(10+) non-standard instruments (construction lights, vintage instruments, etc.)
(3) rechargeable battery-powered LED construction lights
Sundry colored gels
500'+ DMX cabling


ca. 3,000' extension cords (edison plugs)
Antari Ice 800 fog machine
Sony XGA-VPL-CX21 Projector (throw width 9'-11' per 16' distance)
200' VGA cabling
(8) base plates for light trees or pipe structures
100' of 1.5" threaded pipe
(5) folding tables (various sizes)
12x20' black canvas curtain
ca. 100' in additional black soft goods
ca. 40 linear feet each red and white curtains
Sundry rigging hardware (C-clamps, beam clamps, L-brackets, etc.)
Sundry construction tools

...and some other stuff.


Didn't answer all your questions? I'm not surprised (we're still figuring out how to package all this awesomeness and put it to work). We'd love to hear from you!

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