Newsletter 6/8: GET INTENSE! How to move when you move…

Dear Friends, Fans, and Associates,

The schedule is out for this weekend’s not-to-be-missed perspective-altering intensive for experienced performers and movers. I’m no longer hedging this statement: it REALLY WILL tie you to an art-powered rocket and shoot you through a mountain into another dimension, JUST LIKE BUCK ROGERS… And it’ll be at least that intensely, extremely, immoderately, and ultimately enlightening, invigorating, inspiring, and intrepid.

And you can already start revving your engines for our Summer Benefit Party Extravaganza. We’ve got ridicularious, ludicrastic stuff lined up, from Fluxus experiments to Burlesque, Comprehensive Life Enjoyment Packages to a beauty bar by The Beauty Bar,… and so much more. So much. And we still have 2 weeks to bring it to boil! Bu-ah-ha-ha-ha…

Aren’t you glad to know you’re on the inside track of Denver’s Best Venue for Dance and Avant Garde?? Yeah, me too.

1. INTENSE!(ive), take one June 12-13 Weekend Intensive: Movement and Meaning with Control Group and Band of Toughs

2. Party on, Garth! June 26, 7-11pm: PHCA First Annual Summer Benefit Party Extravaganza


1. INTENSE!(ive), take one June 12-13 Weekend Intensive: Movement and Meaning

PHCA’s Professional Development program
In association with Control Group and Band of Toughs
presents the first event in


Saturday June 12, 10am-6pm
Sunday June 13, 12-4pm

An exploration of the relationship between mechanics and expression through the lenses of dance, acting, movement theatre, and somatics.

Joan Bruemmer and Cynthia Ward of Band of Toughs
Kristine Whittle and Patrick Mueller of Control Group

Schedule: Saturday 6/12 (click here for class descriptions)
10:00-11:00am: Somatics into Movement. Instructor: Patrick Mueller
11:00-12:30pm: Touch and Intention. Instructor: Patrick Mueller
12:30-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30-3:00pm: Sourcing from the 7 energy centers. Instructor: Kristine Whittle
3:00-4:30pm: The Fluid Systems of the Body. Instructor: Cynthia Ward
4:30-6:00pm: The Sensory-Motor Loop. Instructor: Cynthia Ward

Schedule: Sunday 6/13
12:00-3:30pm: Take it to the Bridge: Composing in Space and Time. Instructor: Joan
3:30-4:00pm: Synthesis. All instructors.

Full Weekend: $100
Saturday: $70 (includes lunch)
Sunday: $35
1.5 hr class: $15
1 hr class: $10
Lunch: $5 (must pre-register)

Please pre-register with Kristine at by Friday June 11th. Individual classes are open for drop-in.

These intensives are geared toward professional level participants, however interested individuals with relevant experience are welcome.


2. Party on, Garth! June 26, 7-11pm: PHCA First Annual Summer Benefit Party Extravaganza

The Packing House Center for the Arts presents

The PHCA First Annual Summer Benefit Party Extravaganza

Saturday June 26, 7-11pm

Hey, y’all, we’re throwing a RIGHTEOUS PARTY, yo! Come celebrate a year of stunning successes and fast-forward growth, and lend your support to our exciting plans for the coming year. Find out about our new partnerships, our New Facility Project, our new and expanded programs, and all the awesome stuff this summer has to offer you at our humble slaughterhouse on the river.

Live Performances
Live and DJed Music
Visual Art on the Walls
A Silent Auction
Door Prizes
Chair Massages
Food and Drink
A Dance Floor
Ludicrastic Ridicularity
Donations by: Ridgeline Aviation, Pilates Aligned, On the Yoga Mat, Independent Records, Fancy Tiger, DVLP Clothing, Buffalo Exchange, Boulder Fringe, Capitol Hill Books, City O’ City, Sushi Hai, The Yardhouse, Ketelsen Campers, and many more.

More details coming soon!

Patrick Mueller
Executive Director
Control Group Productions and the Packing House Center for the Arts
835 East 50th Avenue, Denver, CO 80216

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