Nov. 6: Punks with Rocks


Nov. 6 at 9pm
The Packing House Center for the Arts presents
Dance Night for Beginners: PUNKS WITH ROCKS.
created by Patrick Mueller and Wes Snyder
with commentary by Wes Snyder and Samantha Basting
Admission: $10 at the door | $8 online, or $5.28 for groups of 2 or more!

Never seen professional dance?  Seen way too much of it?

This bi-monthly showcase is a crash course in dance-viewing, with expert analysis, profound interpretation, and works of splendorous artistic genius – stunning, flabbergasting, even downright obscene.  Ever wondered what the hell those people are rolling around on the floor about? Ever sought the perfect amalgamation of the olympics, dog-shows, and high art? Ever yearned for new depth and intensity of meaning in your life? THIS IS IT.

HOW IT WORKS: Each piece is first performed in its pure state.  Commentators respond with analysis, feedback, and suggestions. Then they accompany a second performance with their insightful commentary, offering new (and stupider) ways of viewing this important expressive art.

Warning: this may leave you stupider…