Oct. 23-31: TOMB / ABATTOIR: white on white translucent black


An Installation with Live Performance

Oct. 23, 24, 30: 6:30 and 8pm

Oct. 31: 1:30, 3, 6:30, and 8pm

(with a Halloween Party after the final performance)

Adults $12 / Kids $8 (under 18)

Space Design by Rori Knudtson

Movement Design by Patrick Mueller

Sound Design by Myra Moreta

Movement Performance by Buffy Barfoot, Cheryl Burns, Kasey Collins, Candess Giyan, Kristine Whittle

This nightmarish hallucination delves into The PHCA’s past as a slaughterhouse. Part experiential spectacle, part haunted house, this event will transform the physical space into a malleable maze with living walls and undead inhabitants, offering a highly individualized experience where survival becomes questionable and fear inevitable (this event is completely family-friendly).


:We can allow up to 25 people per loop to enter, so arrive at quarter to the hour to guarantee admittance.

:The performance lasts about 45 minutes.

:We’ll be serving hot cider and other refreshments in the foyer to keep you warm.

:We invite everyone to wear a mask while in the installation.  We’ll have masks available in the foyer, or feel free to bring your own.

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