Oct. 28-30: 1290

Oct. 28-30, 8pm

The PHCA Emerging Artist Residency Program presents the premiere of


a Chris Meis and Raymond Scott Production

Admission $15 at the door / $12 online here

Fear, in it’s original meaning: not the emotion of fear but the event itself.  When the clock strikes 13, where will you be?

The mind, unbalanced between conscious and unconscious. The Old English term fear meant not the emotion engendered by a calamity or disaster, but rather the event itself. The first recorded usage of the term "fear" with the sense of the “emotion of fear” arose in 1290 A.D.  Today, this vital response is related to many cognitive and emotional states of mind.  Occurrences of horror, panic and attack gather in the unconscious mind and manifest into nightmares – a collection of phobias in which logic becomes obsolete.

When the clock strikes thirteen, where will you be?

The Packing House Center for the Arts, presents the latest work in its vibrant Performing Artist Residency Program, a dance-theatre performance based on fear and other unconscious uncertainties. This work will be presented in full at PHCA, Thursday-Saturday October 28-30 at 8:00pm. Tickets are available online for $12.00, or $15.00 at the door. Visit www.controlgroupproductions.com for further information.

The performance takes place in the round, offering a full-spectrum view of the event that takes the audience on a journey into the uncertain reality of the nightmare.



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