OPEN HOUSE: Sample our Winter Class Schedule

2010 Winter Classes Open House

Saturday, January 16th from 12-6pm


In fact, we are delighted to boast that we have accumulated an ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING line-up of master instructors for your learning pleasure this year… So to kick off our 2010 season of EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, we’re holding an Open House of sample classes that give you a chance to check out some of our most exciting up-coming and on-going courses.

Please join us for all six classes if you can, or drop in at the beginning of the hour for individual classes.  Investment:  $5 for 1 class, $10 for 2 or more

12:00-12:45:  Patrick Mueller: Contemporary Movement Technique
1:00-1:45:  Nathan Montgomery: Syzygy Butoh
2:00-2:45:  Angela Delichatsios: Grotowski-Based Physical Acting
3:00-3:45:  Patrick Mueller: Integrative Coordinations
4:00-4:45:  Anneke Hohl: Beginner’s Yoga
5:00-5:45:  Amelia Charter: The Six Viewpoints and Sculpture

All sample classes are open to all experience levels.  Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Sample classes are offered as previews for the following on-going and up-coming classes.  See Class Descriptions and Teacher Bios below the schedule…



Fridays 12-1:45: Open Company Class with Control Group / Patrick Mueller
Level: Advanced/Professional        Price: $10
Saturdays 12-2: Contemporary Movement Technique with Patrick Mueller
Level: Intermediate/Advanced        Price: $10
2nd Saturdays of each month 4-6: Contact Improvisation Jam led by Susan Coates
Level: Open        Price: $4-7 suggested donation

CLASS SERIES (require pre-registration)

Mondays 5:15-6:45pm (1/25-3/1) Integrative Coordinations with Patrick Mueller  $75/$85*
Mondays 7-9:30pm (2/1-3/22) Grotowski-Based Physical Acting with Angela Delichatsios  $165/$195*
Tuesdays 7:30-9pm (1/19-3/16) Contact Improvisation with Susan Coates  $144
Wednesdays 6-8pm (1/27-3/3) Syzygy Butoh with Nathan Montgomery  $75/$90*
Thursdays 6-7:30pm (1/28-3/11, no class 2/11)   Beginners Yoga with Anneke Hohl  $60/$72*
Saturdays 2-4pm (1/23-2/6) The Six Viewpoints and Sculpture with Amelia Charter $36/$45*

*Price indicates early registration discount if you register by 1/16, followed by standard price.  Registration generally is possible up until 3 days before the first class, but class sizes are limited, so register early.  Register directly with the instructor using the contact information below in the class descriptions.

Class Descriptions and Information

Contemporary Movement Technique / Control Group Company Class

Dates: Fridays 12-1:45, Saturdays 12-2 (on-going)
Investment: $10/class
Instructor: Patrick Mueller;; cell: 303-947-2827

These classes approach dance technique functionally, focusing on cleaning fundamental coordinations and attaining movement facility and ease through exercises that balance control and propulsion with release and momentum.  Anatomical information about hard and soft structures inform the practice.  The class builds from a gentle, introspective warm-up to challenging phrasework demanding fierce athleticism and refined artistry.

Bio: see below (Integrative Coordinations)

Integrative Coordinations 6 Class Series

Dates:  Mondays, 5:15pm-6:45pm;  January 25 – March 1
Investment:  $75 on or before 1/16; $85 after 1/16
Instructor:  Patrick Mueller;;  cell: 303-947-2827

This class offers a broadly-applicable physical training for functional, athletic, and artistic applications. It explores the fundamental movement patterns that develop through early childhood to find greater ease and efficiency of motion accompanied by a deeper awareness and understanding of our bodies’ anatomy, mechanics, and potential for movement. Through group exercises and individual guidance, we isolate each basic coordination, rebalance our movement effort and core support, and reintegrate our bodies through more complex coordinations and sequences. The course is physically rigorous but the material is adaptable to the individual, and is open to students with all levels of physical awareness and movement experience.

Bio: Patrick Mueller is the Executive Director of the Packing House Center for the Arts and Artistic Director of PHCA’s resident performance company Control Group.  Previous to founding these organizations, he performed with dance companies in Germany, Denmark, New York, San Fransisco, and Denver, working primarily collaboratively on original pieces that toured to a dozen countries on three continents.  His teaching approach amalgamates experiences from many different movement and somatic practices, including Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, releasing techniques, traditional modern dance, yoga, kung fu, and parcour.

Grotowski-based Physical Acting 8 Class Series

Dates:  Mondays, 7:00pm-9:30pm;  February 1 – March 22
Investment:  $165 on or before 1/16; $195 after 1/16
Instructor:  Angela Delichatsios;;   cell: 617-852-8257

An eight-session training in Polish director Jerzy Grotowski’s corporel and plastique psycho-physical exercises with application to monologues.  The psycho-physical acting training opens awareness of the body as an emotional source that can be evoked and sculpted in acting work.  Parts of the physical training are very intensive (including rolls, headstands, etc., practiced on mats); however, it is adaptable to people of any level of physical ability and will take into account physical injuries and limitations.  Please contact the instructor if you have any questions or concerns.  This course is open to people of varying levels of experience with acting, Grotowski-training, and physical training.

Bio:  Angela Delichatsios, MFA, is an actor, teacher, director, trained in Grotowski-based acting at Naropa University’s MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance Program, with Steve Wangh, author of Acrobat of the Heart, and also in Poland with Grotowski-influenced companies Gardzienice and Piesn Kozla (Song of the Goat), and in the U.S. with Double Edge Theatre and q-Staff.  Angela has taught this work as a guest teacher in Naropa’s MFA program, and in acting classes offered to the Boulder/Denver community.  She is a training leader and member of the newly formed theatre company, Aluminous Collective, which recently produced Charles Mee’s Big Love in Denver.

Pre-Soak-Wring-Dry: Transform Through Contact Improvisation 9 Class Series

Dates:  Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm;  January 19 – March 16
Investment:  $144.  Mail checks payable to Susan Coates at 3349 Elizabeth St., Denver, CO 80205.
Instructor:  Susan Coates;;  cell: 303-455-0852.

We make connections in the body and with others within the parameters of our personal and societal boundaries—cultural norms, personal space and comfort, and everyday movements create our ‘pathways of possibility’ in the body and with one’s social and physical environment.  In this class series we will playfully push these boundaries to their limits while deepening further into the mechanics of Contact Improvisation, focusing on moving from the spiral, efficiently organizing the body, and creating awareness into how to become aware, receptive, responsive, and clear in the dance. Informal improvisational performance scores included.

Pre-requisites:  Previous CI fundamentals experience preferred (Beginner classes and private sessions available.  Contact Susan for details.)

Bio:  Susan Coates has been teaching and performing contemporary dance and dance theater for over 10 years, working full-time as a performing and teaching company member of Speaking of Dance from 1999-2004. In 2002, she co-founded Dirty Laundry Dance Company, performing original dance theater in the Denver area. In 2006, she co-founded Ecstatic Cling, a Boulder-based contemporary dance/contact improvisation ensemble that engaged in guerrilla performances in the Boulder/Denver area until 2008. In 2007, she founded Living Laundry , a creative and innovative practice that transforms individuals, organizations, and communities through living arts. Susan also founded and leads Contact Improvisation labs, jams, workshops, and classes in the Boulder/Denver area

Syzygy Butoh 6 Class Series

Dates:  Tuesdays 6:00pm-8:00pm;  January 27 – March 3
Investment:  $75 on or before 1/16; $90 after 1/16
Instructor:  Nathan Montgomery;;  cell: 928-301-1849

In these workshops we will focus on recovering and cultivating physical dignity in the body.  Butoh proposes a type of basic dance training in which we liberate our impulses and learn to work with all our energetic qualities.  We will start by learning about the empty body, or corpse body.  From there we will move into progressive explorations of standing, walking, running, twisting and jumping.  By slowing down and focusing on these simple and basic physical actions we can learn to recover basic energetic principles of presence in the dance.  In each class we will then move from these basic forms into improvisational explorations that challenge us to reach beyond our normal movement patterns and explore our connection to multiple dimensions of body, space, time and content.  For example we may explore what the quality of stone has to teach us in dance, or the quality of paper, flower, wind, water, etc.  Come with a beginners mind.  No previous dance training necessary.

Butoh is an avant-garde contemporary dance form, which originated in Japan in the early 1960’s. Tatsumi Hijikata, the foremost pioneer of Butoh, developed a new language of dance derived from observing nature and working with the imagery and energy of the natural circle of life and death.

Bio: The Butoh costume is like throwing the cosmos onto one’s shoulders.  And for Butoh, while the costume covers the body, it is the body that is the costume of the soul. – Kazuo Ohno

Founded and directed by Nathan Montgomery, Syzygy Butoh is a vehicle for experimentation.  The intention is to use everything both within and without; to express without filtration or bias the “Such as it is of the Whole All.”  Using the stage as Sacred Space, the template of the body is continually placed against the canvas of the void. This process is offered as a gift to humanity in the medium of dance.   Working mostly as a solo dancer Nathan’s creations often touch on the deeply tragic.  They are the solitary expressions of a human pathos enlightened by a wry freedom.  For Nathan the creative process always includes time in the wilderness.  Nathan teaches and performs throughout the United States.  He works in collaboration with such groups as Human Nature in AZ and the CarpetBag Brigade of San Francisco.  He co-created TinHouse Experimental Dance Theatre in Boulder, CO and continues to base his productions there.  In classic proscenium, on mountain top or in the town junk-yard Syzygy performs in diverse venues and settings.  For Nathan, while the work is originally connected to the seed of Japanese Butoh, Syzygy grows as an American Butoh.

Beginners Yoga 6 Class Series

Dates:  Thursdays, 6:00pm-7:30pm;  January 28 – March 11 (no class February 11)
Investment: $60 on or before 1/16; $72 after 1/16
Instructor:  Anneke Hohl, RYT;;  cell: 303-902-0919

Over the course of six weeks, we will explore the fundamentals of yoga in a supportive and safe environment. Among the great benefits of a beginner’s series are sequential instruction, building upon what we have learned from week to week, and practicing each week with the same teacher and group of students, offering a greater sense of community and level of comfort. You will receive individual attention and the guidance you need to develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. Specifically, you will learn basic yoga postures, proper alignment, yogic breathing, and relaxation techniques. We will also begin to explore yoga philosophy and meditation.

Please bring your own yoga mat and water. Wear comfortable exercise clothing that permits freedom of movement. And, try to eat at least two hours before each class, as it is not recommended to practice on a full stomach.

Bio:  Anneke is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She trained in Vinyasa yoga with Jillian Pransky and Carrie Parker-Gastelu in Hoboken, New Jersey. Anneke also studied Anusara yoga with Elizabeth Rossa in New York City. In November 2009, Anneke completed a restorative therapeutic yoga teacher training led by Jillian Pransky. She is incredibly grateful to all her teachers.  Anneke is known for her grounded, calm, quieting presence, patient nature, gentleness, and soothing tone. Her intention in teaching is to help each student connect more deeply with their own body, mind, and spirit, their community, and the Universal, of which we all are a part.

The Six Viewpoints & Sculpture 3 Class Series

Dates:  Saturdays, 2:00pm-4:00pm;  January 23 – Feb 6
Investment:  $36 on or before 1/16; $45 after 1/16
Instructor:  Amelia Charter;;  cell: 719.660.6617

This unique class is designed to allow students to meditatively observe and participate with the matrix of our perceptual abilities organized through The Six Viewpoints:  Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, Story.  Students will develop an awareness of how we as people perceive the world in a way that fosters creative energy and allows natural artistic expression to thrive. Students will use their bodies and other materials such as clay, paper, charcoal, plaster, wax, fabric and other sculptural material to explore our perceptual abilities. Please come in clothing you are okay with getting dirty.

Bio:  Amelia Charter is a performing artist and certified yoga teacher who has met and worked with professional artists from around the world. By consciously bridging the performing arts with sculpture, Amelia is developing an innovative method that celebrates the ephemeral beauty of performance and the lasting power of sculpture as a vehicle for reflection and healing. Her classes demonstrate tools for performance, directing, composing original work, processes within the visual arts and meditation.

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