PHCA Performing Arts Residency Program

Control Group Productions is committed to producing several shows each season at the Packing House Center for the Arts that further the artistic and community development goals of the organization. We are interested in fostering work from local experimental and innovative performance artists and groups by hosting their artistic processes and presenting the product to our audience community.

To this end, we offer residencies to performance groups of any genre that are interested in creating a work for performance in the PHCA theater.

Our criteria for consideration revolve around the potency of the proposed exploration and its potential to impact the development of ideas in the local arts and audience communities, as well as an assessment of how the residency will aid the artist’s development. In most cases, we are interested in facilitating young and emerging artists who can benefit exceptionally from a comprehensive rehearsal/performance residency. Among other things, we value inter-genre collaborations, non-traditional genres and processes, and works that engage the specific physical space of PHCA in exciting ways.

It is important to know from the beginning that the residency is structured to assist new and emerging artists to have an integrated, streamlined, fulfilling process, but our financial situation as a new institution means that we need to apply proceeds from ticket sales to tech fees, advertising expenses, and administrative and maintenance costs. We recognize that this is far from ideal, but it is the reality of our current program funding. To make up for this, we also offer the opportunity to submit grant applications through us for project-specific financial support.

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