Preview: Diego Pinon / Boulder Butoh Festival

Touching the Unknowing

By Patrick Mueller

“To submit to and integrate all the energies around you […, to] reach my own limits, to be scared, to touch the unknowing…” – this is the heart of performance for Diego Pinon.

Pinon’s Butoh Mexicano performances appear on a basic level as dance works:  they use movement in choreographed pathways to offer an aesthetic experience.  But at the heart of these choreographic “rituals” lies an openness, a carefully crafted space that comes alive through the energy called forth from the performer, the audience, the performance space, and the surrounding world.  This operates “beyond any esoteric and magical explanations,” Pinon affirms, and it is indeed absolutely concrete, tangible, palpable during his exquisite performance acts, creating the core of the expression/experience/“meaning” offered in these highly crystalized works.

Tomorrow (Friday Oct. 21) Pinon brings his electrifying stage presence to the Boulder Butoh Festival with N-Tankuku-Ichi – “Looking for the Trace of Love.”  The work delves into specific archetypes in Mexican culture of machismo and femininity, seeking thro

ugh movement and energetic presence to embody, dissect, and ultimately explode these cultural packages.  Pinon finds his way into these archetypes through his own details of past and personality – childhood memories, unique sensations, personal references to pop culture (including a Barbara Streisand song).  The result is unique, powerful, invaluable.

Hope you can experience it.

Pinon performs Friday night only, on a shared bill with several other Festival artists.  Saturday offers another curation of Butoh superstars.  Both shows at Naropa’s Nalanda Campus.  Full information at .