Control Group is founded on a principle of community development – forward progress for our field and our local culture, not just our own artistic voice and practice.

Our core programming includes two core community-focused initiatives:

Our ARTIST SERVICES PROGRAM provides resources and opportunities to fellow professionals on the Front Range and beyond through:

  • Artist Residencies – project-based creative residencies at host studio Colorado Conservatory of Dance, providing studio space and administrative support to new and emerging local artists. Click here for more information and application.
  • Subsidized Training – donation-based weekly classes and scholarship-supported workshops and intensives. Click here for our current class schedule.
  • Presenting Partnerships – production and technical support for ambitious, innovation-driven works by local and visiting artists and groups. Contact us with interest in developing a partnership.

Our COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM connects our practices and dialogs with our audiences, the general public, and targeted populations of need. Free and affordable performance events, artist chats, and volunteer activities with other organizations all help us connect our work with new people, in new ways. These activities blur the lines between stage and audience, between life skills and artistic practice, providing exciting platforms for multi-directional progress and growth in our community.

Here's some of what we're up to right now:

A 50-hour in-school program for skill-building and collaborative making
In progress at Jefferson County Open School
Available for 2017-18 school year
This program combines dance and theatre experiences with a guided creative process where the students envision and devise a new performance piece. In addition to the direct education in mixed media performing arts, the program offers educational experiences in Science (anatomy, physics, etc.) and Socio-Emotional development (collaboration, leadership, problem-solving), as well as valuable skills in program management and event production.

More information: Program Outline

DISCURSIVE PERFORMANCES: dances made to be viewed in the dark (and why they were made that way)
Upcoming 2017-18 school year
Control Group's current series of works explores the experience and contents of darkness, from the biology of vision and the physics of light to bedtime stories and childhood nightmares. Over 2016-17 we plan to create a fully kid-focused version of dances made to be viewed in the dark to present in schools, with a lec/dem component sharing some of the ideas at play (how our eyes work, how light and LEDs work, how we use lighting in the piece) and also talking about how we use dance & art as a form of research.

We are currently soliciting interest in these programs for the 2017-18 school year. Please contact us for more information.