REMINDER: Sept. 26-27 Partnering and Contact Improvisation Festival

Registration has started for PHCA’s first full-weekend festival!

Workshops are open to all levels from interested beginners to experienced professionals.

Register in advance for the full weekend, one day, or single workshops with Kristine at or by sending a check made out to Control Group Productions to 835 E. 50th Avenue, Denver, CO 80216.

Hope to see you there!

PHCA presents, in association with Control Group, Daughter Cells, and Lauren Simpson

The Packing House Center for the Arts First Annual

Partnering and Contact Improvisation Festival

September 26 and 27, 2009


Explore the foundations, techniques, and applications of Contact Improvisation with workshops ranging from contact basics to the aesthetics and poetics of contact. The weekend also includes informal performances, partnering repertory, restorative body-work, home-cooked meals, and much more.

Schedule: Saturday 9/26

10-1 Groundwork and Basic Contact Mechanics with Kaila and Candess

1-2 Lunch (prepared by Patrick and Kristine)

2-3 Informal Performances and Conversation:

Excerpt from Candess and Kaila‚Äôs upcoming premiere “The Elegant Hush”

and a contact improvisation by Patrick and Lauren

3-5 Partnering and Repertoire with Kaila and Candess

5-6:30 Restorative Yoga and Bodywork with Kristine

Schedule: Sunday 9/27

10-1 Integrative Somatics and CI Techniques and Aesthetics with Patrick

1-2 Lunch (prepared by Candess and Kaila)

2-3 Conscious Breath Work and Vocalization with Kristine and Patrick

3-5 Contact Improvisation and Story Making with Lauren

5-6:30 Contact Improv Jam


Full weekend (2 days) $125 (includes lunch)

Half weekend (1 day) $70 (includes lunch)

3 hour class $30

2 hour class $20

1.5 hr class $15

1 hr showing or class $10

Lunch $5 (must pre-register)

Contact Jam free for workshop participants.

Class Descriptions

Saturday 10-1: Groundwork and Basic Contact Mechanics will focus on fundamental movement patterns through floor exploration and discovery influenced by the somatic models of Body-Mind Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Theory. We will utilize the time exploring breath and movement sequences in both personal space and through the learning of a basic contact vocabulary with one another. Taught by Candess and Kaila.

Saturday 3-5: Partnering and Repertoire will look at phrasing and partner work from the Daughter Cells movement vocabulary featured in Kaila and Candess’ up-coming show The Elegant Hush. Taught by Candess and Kaila.

Saturday 5-6:30: Restorative Yoga and Bodywork will conclude our first day of big movement with supported yoga posturing and self-care aimed at soothing and revitalizing the physical and subtle bodies. Includes the use of bolsters, blankets, and the highly-acclaimed “love in a sock” contraption (tennis ball rolling). Taught by Kristine.

Sunday 10-1: Integrative Somatics and CI Techniques and Aesthetics will open the body to a place of facility and versatility. We will use the intersection of bio-mechanics and states of presence to pursue unique discoveries within our CI practice. Through explorations of intention, instinct, capability, and constraint, we will apply our physical technique toward the pursuit of expression and meaning. Taught by Patrick.

Sunday 2-3: Conscious Breath Work and Vocalization will draw upon basic pranayama, the yogic art of breathing, to rhythmically and intensively expand the respiratory organs in preparation for vocalization. We will then use the vibration of the vocal cords to relax and rebalance the core, torso, and organs, ending with exercises focused on integrating the full body with the breath and the voice. Taught by Kristine and Patrick.

Sunday 3-5: Contact Improvisation and Story Making will explore the narratives, anecdotes, personalities, dialogues, poetics, and content that can emerge from the form, the skills, the techniques of Contact Improvisation. We will play between the internal kinesthetic experience of CI and the external performance of the dance, the ability to be both inside and outside the dance, and the relationship between form and content. Taught by Lauren.

Sunday 5-6:30: Contact Improv Jam is a celebratory culmination of the festival in a loosely structured form that will allow for application of the principles and inspirations gleaned from the weekend’s classes.

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