Rental Rates

Our rates are scaled to support these activities in a way that is affordable to renters
and sustainable for us. We consider the number of people in the space, how it is being used,
how much preparation is needed from us, and how profitable the activity is likely to be. We
tailor event rentals to suit individual needs, starting with a low base rate but also making
available full production support from our staff. Click here for more information about
event rentals.

We also offer a subsidized rate for non-profits and artists engaged in non-profitable
activities such as rehearsals, meetings, and donation-based classes.

We consider situations individually and welcome discussions with interested parties about
their financial capabilities and usage needs.

PER HOUR: Classes and Workshops $12-35/hr
PER HOUR: Subsidized Rate $10/hr
EVENT: Single Event base rate $200
EVENT: Full Weekend (3-night) base rate $500
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