Safety & Accessibility at After the Flood

Please note: this document has been updated on June 3, 2021 to reflect shifting health advisories from the CDC, current Tri-County Health guidelines, and new established practices within the events industry.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

As of June 3, 2021, we are planning to use the following safety protocols at After the Flood:

  • The event will serve a maximum of 20 guests per performance.
  • We will require contact information for every guest for exposure tracking.
  • We will ask standard exposure questions at check-in.
  • Masks are recommended for all guests and required for unvaccinated guests over 12 years old.
  • Guests are expected to maintain 6' of distance from people outside their party.
  • All performers and staff are fully vaccinated. They will also do symptoms and exposure checks daily, and will maintain established distances of 6'+ from guests, except for short moments of guiding and interaction (90 seconds or less).
  • Guests will be offered hand-to-hand contact (handbills and other gifts and tools) at various moments. Staff will sanitize all reused objects, and performers will apply hand sanitizer directly before and after hand-offs. All offers will be invitational, and guests can easily choose not to have any hand-to-hand contact.

Accessibility Protocols & Commitments

Accessibility is a priority for us. We are committed to working with every individual interested in seeing the show to accommodate their participation. Because of the site-specific and traveling nature of this production, we have identified the following accessibility challenges, which we look forward to working with you to address:

  • Distance and terrain. After the Flood takes guests on a 1.5 mile, 80-minute journey on a combination of sidewalks and dirt/gravel trails. Much of the route is comfortable for wheelchair riders (based on trial runs we've conducted); parts of it are not, including a couple rough areas, a short 24" wide bridge, and 6 stair steps.
    • For folks who are able to walk the route but concerned about the amount of time spent standing (ca. 60 of 80 minutes), feel free to bring a lightweight camp chair to carry with you and use when we pause for scenes.
    • For folks who walk but aren't able to walk the full route, we recommend a manual chair (with a companion attending for free who can push and carry the chair at various times). We will offer additional support for crossing the bridge and climbing the stairs.
    • For folks who are wheelchair exclusive, we are ready and willing to find solutions based on companions or our staff carrying you across the bridge and up the stairs. We realize this is not ideal and may not be a workable solution for you. We welcome any conversation on this topic.
    • If you plan to attend with a wheelchair, please contact us at to discuss a couple trail obstacles.
    • Please see pictures further down this page of the obstacles we found the hardest to navigate with a manual chair.
  • Audibility and Translation. Because of the immersive nature of this performance, we are not offering subtitles. Instead, we are happy to offer the following services upon request (please give at least one week notice), and we are happy to discuss additional accommodation requests:
    • Provision of the full show script (less than 10 pages) as a digital or print document before the show.
    • ASL live translation.
  • Vision. Vision impairments create dual challenges of navigating the trail and seeing the performance. We recommend that folks with vision challenges attend the earlier show each day, when there is stronger daylight. We also recommend that these individuals bring a companion (attending for free) who can offer audio description of the performance as well as assistance along the trail. The companion may also attend an earlier performance to aid their describing. Because of malleable timing and improvised scenes, we aren't able to offer recorded audio description; but we are happy to discuss additional accommodation requests.
  • Sensory Stimulation concerns. (Spoiler Alert: some show contents revealed below.)
    • This show includes moments of proximity with performers, and invitations to receive objects from us (within health regulations). All offers will be invitational, and guests can easily choose not to have any hand-to-hand contact.
    • The show has several audience-participatory scenes with loud percussion and singing. These scenes begin gradually and guests may observe at distance if they prefer.
    • The show does not include sudden loud noises, drastic lighting changes, violence, or other common triggers for PTSD, Autism Spectrum, or other sensitivities that we are aware of. Please ask us any questions you would like about specific concerns you may have.

You can contact us at with questions.

Pictures of Trail Obstacles

Steep slope (maybe 25-30 degrees for a few feet).

Big roots and rocks (periodically – these are some of the worst).

Gravelly/sandy stretch (about 30 feet).

A bridge over a wetland area (about 30 feet long).

Five stair steps.

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