Sojourners: a Busing Project


A history of desegregation busing in Denver Public Schools, shared in a pop-up immersive performance experience.

September 8-26, 2021
tickets on sale July 28 here

Co-produced by IDEA Stages & Control Group Productions
Directed by Lisa Young

Led by an all-African American core artistic team, Sojourners will activate historical research and social engagement into a complex narrative of equity efforts, legal conflict, and torn social fabrics.

Created for general public and in-school performances, Sojourners will be designed for mobility, popping up nimbly using Control Group’s school bus as venue, set, and transportation. After opening in Denver metro locations in Fall 2021, the production will be able to tour easily across the region and the country for years to come.

Sojourners is a co-production with IDEA Stages (Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, Accessible), a local performing arts advocacy group that formed out of this summer’s emergent social justice movement. Lisa Young (IDEA Stages Founder) will direct the collaborative devising team, with Control Group providing production management, technical direction and equipment, immersive design, and funding.



How to get involved.

We're still building our artistic team for this project. Please reach out if you're interested in participating in the project.

We're currently building the list of schools and other sites where we'll perform Sojourners. Please reach out if you have a great location, or want to bring this event to your school.

Control Group has committed to providing full funding for this project. If you'd like to donate, here's how.

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