Put your brain on red alert Our mind-blowing Spring Performance Season preview…

This is serious right here. We’ve got works that will shatter your consciousness into tiny little bits if you’re not properly fortified with a well-maintained tolerance for brilliant art. Regular viewing recommended. Watch (out/this)!


March 25-27, 8pm
MISSA POPULI (world premiere)

An original performance by Vicious Trap, directed by Eric Meyer and Kenny Storms
A reclaiming of the Catholic Mass—an exploration and undermining from within—dissected and rebuilt in the guise of performance and the name of humanity. Combining the sacrifice, transcendence, blood and circumstance of the original with history, live music, science, dance, literature and pop culture to find a wholly modern communion experience that is all human.


April 2-3, 8pm; April 3, 3pm
Aura Fischbeck Dance, Leigh Riley, and Syzygy Butoh

Hailing from San Francisco, Aura Fischbeck returns to Colorado with her company Aura Fischbeck Dance, along with The Riley Project, who will be making their Rocky Mountain debut. The two companies, who have co-produced and co-presented extensively in the Bay area, bring new and revisited contemporary dance works, investigating such themes as lost love, body politics, and silent films. This program promises a satisfying dose of athleticism, reflection, experimentation, humour, and artistry. They will be joined by local choreographer Nathan Montgomery/Syzygy Butoh.


April 22-24, 8pm
Demolition Queens (world premiere)

A performance spectacle by Control Group Productions, directed by Patrick Mueller
WHEN THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO BURN YOU HAVE TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE. Raze the debris of the glam-fashion-punk-pop-image-icon-anti-cult like a derelict high-rise of spent cultural currency. Then dance on the ashes. This isn’t dissection of super-stardom, just a glorious conflagration. PHCA’s permanent resident company has its finger on the detonator.


April 30-May 2, 8pm
Aleh (world premiere)

A Butoh dance performance by Sharoni Stern Siegel and ensemble
Solitude amidst motion, the fragility of the human spirit, sadness, and resilience. The collective cultural consciousness embedded in each body’s memory, excavated and explored. This piece draws on inspirations and imagery from art, poetry, nature, and our own dreams and visions, rendered in a unique blending of spiritual and cultural contents.


May 7-8, 7pm – 11pm
Stop. Crawl. Walk. Run.
A Multi-Arts Festival conceived by projectmedia in association with The Packing House Center for the Arts
A cultured chaos, interactive, multi-media event including visual arts, digital media, dance, fashion, music and artists of all types who come together in a vision to stir political, social, and personal observations about our constantly evolving world. Join these artists in an evening filled with stimulating creation where audience and art become one (like Voltron!). Ponder the walls that contain us and the freedom that breaks through as truth (like Kool-aid!). Stay home plugged into your digital box or join a vision that sets you free (like the Matrix!).

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