June 13-15: (the world we’ve created)

(the world we’ve created)
An immersive-interactive gallery show of live performance installations.

June 13-15, 2014
6:30pm & 8:30pm (Sunday 6/15 only 6:30pm)
The Studio Loft at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Tickets $20 online (click here) | $25 at the door | $16 students & seniors

Featuring live performance/installation works by
Control Group Productions
Kim Olson/SWEET EDGE dance
in collaboration with Amelia Charter (visual design), Mike Stone (digital/visual design), Jeff Mohler and Todd Bilsborough (sound design)

(the world we've created) smashes together live performance, visual installation, and interactive video and sound environments in a gallery/theater show that delves into the act of creation and the perception of scarcity to create a luscious world of movement, image, sound, and experience.

A collaboration between movement, sound, physical and installations, the evening features multiple collaborative and independent works - installations and performances driven by fundamental questions about our ability to affect our own worlds the nature of the creative act, the perception of abundance or scarcity, and our ability to change ourselves and the world around us.


Work #1: Salon Romantik, op. 5 v.1: CREATION
A performance installation by Control Group Productions


Work #2: Waking the Dangerous Poet
a dance + performance by Kim Olson/SWEET EDGE dance

Wake the Dangerous Poet arises from a sequence of poignant questions and improvisationally explored responses, which dive deeply into our perceptions of both necessary and illogical personal narratives. The highly inventive, deconstructive choreography challenges the performers to tap into unfamiliar cross-sensory impulses in a daring effort to open new pathways of reaction and response. Kim Olson and company disrupt and question the obvious, true and expected in our own behaviors as well as those around us. Exploring the illusion of control, freedom from anticipated consequences, and what it means to balance, Wake the Dangerous Poet tricks memory to misunderstand, body to redefine, impulse and flow to disorder. The dancers ride the underbelly of an unknown, exhilarating, explosive current of resolve and surrender.

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