Vision Statement: Summary

This is a summary of our draft Vision Statement for our New Facility Project.  The working title of the new facility is "The Colorado Performance Laboratory" (CPL).

CPL Vision and Needs Statements

This proposal details a multi-phase development of a performing arts center in Denver, CO, with a primary focus on the implementation and nature of the first phase of development and a secondary attention to the further stages of development of the space and the organization.

Mission Statement: The Colorado Performance Laboratory stimulates and facilitates innovative contemporary live arts in Denver by creating, presenting, and hosting performances, creative processes, educational opportunities, and professional development.

Purpose and Goals: CPL will provide access for local audiences to high quality innovative and contemporary professional performances and live art events. It will enhance the local performing arts community through the work of its members, partners, and curated artists. It will provide opportunities for local artists to create and present their work. It will provide opportunities for the public to experience the work of local and extra-regional performing artists. It will create a platform for local artists to create work that can be brought to other parts of the country and the world. Through these activities it will stimulate participation by Colorado audiences and artists in the global performing arts dialogue.
CPL will offer residencies, curations, teaching positions, and other opportunities for professional artists and companies competitively with specific goals and criteria determined by each program within the general mission of facilitating Colorado’s contemporary performing arts community.
Outreach will be conducted with the purpose of training young artists, bringing the arts to underserved populations, and generating interest in and experience with viewing contemporary performing arts.
CPL will use its operating and programs budgets to take risks in its programming that will be aimed at stimulating artistic experimentation and innovation and bringing to the local public the highest quality in contemporary professional performing arts.

Space Outline: CPL will create an initial facility housing:
-a black box theater 2500-3500sf
-a movement studio 800-1200sf
-office space for 5-10 partners ca. 600sf
-4 restrooms (2) 50sf (backstage), (2) 150sf (lobby)
-a lobby ca. 400sf
-a green room/dressing room ca. 300sf
-scene shop, and storage ca. 800sf
Total space: 6500sf

Activities: CPL will host:
-A Public Events Program offering professional performances, live installations, and festivals.
-Education and Outreach Programs including classes, workshops, off-site outreach in schools and other venues.
-A Professional Artist Development Progam with residencies, curated performances, work-in-progress showings, showcases, artist forums, and rental rehearsal and performance space.
-Permanent Residency and Co-Management Positions for partners, including rehearsal, performance, and office space

Budget and planning: In the early phase of the project we would develop a more detailed budget outlining revenue streams, operations costs. We expect a first-year budget to be in the range of $400,000, with an additional $15-30K of costs for transition, initial renovations, and equipment purchases.

Revenue Streams: CPL will administer its programs and operation through:
-Private and Public Grants for its activities and programs
-Individual Donations
-Corporate Sponsorships
-Event Income
-Class and Workshop tuition
-Space Rentals for rehearsals and classes
-Equipment Rentals
-Member dues

Collaborators/Involved Parties: CPL will be managed and operated by a partnership of arts organizations that will be open to new members and initially will include:
1-The Boulder International Fringe Festival (501c3, arts presenter)
2-Kim Olson, Sweet Edge (501c3, dance company)
3-The Packing House Center for the Arts (sponsored 501c3, arts presenter)
4-Control Group Productions (dance company)
4-Band of Toughs: a theatre collaboratory (sponsored 501c3, theatre company)
5-Syzygy Butoh (solo proprietorship, dance company)

Prospective Associate Members:
-Striding Lion InterArts Workshop, Denver Charter of Chicago Based (501c3)
-The the Outdoor Cinema Network
-Thriving Artist Alliance

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