Visual Arts Curations

PHCA also offers regular curations of visual/static/object art pieces. These curations run one to six months, and we attempt to create a dialogue between the visual and performance pieces being presented during each curation. We are particularly interested in curating live peformance/static object collaborations, intersections, and deconstructions.

Similar to our Performing Arts Residency program, we have an informal application process for visual arts curations. Based on dialogue with prospective artists, we develop a concept and structure for the presentation of works that responds to the demands on a multi-use space while facillitating the unrestricted vision of the artist. We are interested in work that thoroughly engages and transforms the space; that operates collaboratively with performances or live performance elements being presented; and that deconstructs boundaries of genre and medium. Our criteria for consideration revolve around the potency of the proposed exploration, its potential to impact the development of local artists, and the value to our broader community.

Because PHCA is a multi-use space, we do not keep regular gallery hours. However, visual work is available for viewing at the opening event, at all other public events, or by appointment (contact Patrick Mueller).

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