What to expect

We seek to develop each Control Group work into an absolutely singular experience.

The contents and artistic media, the modes of production and engagement, all of this emerges from the unique demands and opportunities of the concept and the creative process. As much as possible, we aim to breathe life into the project and then follow where it leads.

This makes it challenging to know what to expect when you show up to an event – whether it's your first experience with us or you're a longtime follower of our work.

That said, here are some general ideas of what to expect when you come to an event:

  1. Audience-centric experiences. You are at the center of our creative process; but we don't know who you are, and what you'll bring to the work when you join us for it. So we leave space for you – to interpret meaning, to explore the world, to make choices within your experience.
  2. Interpretable experiences. Our goal is to create a rich experience that revolves clearly around a core theme or idea, and leaves space for you to interpret. We won't tell you how or what to think, and we'll create space for you to bring yourself to the experience.
  3. Beyond prosceniums. Someday I'm sure we'll do a show with seats for you on one side, in the dark, and a stage for us on the other side. But for the most part you'll find us everywhere else – in outdoor sites & public spaces, fields & alleys, warehouses & pop-up venues. And everywhere we go, you're invited to join us.
  4. Our work will touch you and move you. Literally. Since you're the center of the experience, we make sure our work meets you, interacts, shows you around our world. We'll always introduce ourselves and offer clear and generous invitations, and we hope you'll always be excited to take a journey with us.
  5. We'll help you find your way. Our work dismantles a lot of the rules and assumptions around how you show up to a theatre event. We promise to help you understand how to be and how to act in each world we take you to.
  6. We'll take care of you. Our work pursues adventures in the unknown, in environments and situations fraught with danger – sometimes perceived, sometimes real. When you join us in crossing lines and stepping into the unknown, please know that you are safe with us.