Aug. 2016: WHOLENESS at Denver Performing Arts Complex

NOTE: The event time has changed to 6-8pm each day.


A meditative space for solace, communion, and transformation.

An inversion of darkness, turning dark to light and bringing materiality to negative space.

Two performers blindly navigating a built/digital environment. Simple actions acquire exquisite tension and focus as blindness heightens other senses and stretches the space between perception and comprehension. The installation encompasses and enshrouds its occupants, obscuring form and converting movement into subtle energetic emanations.

Featuring Laura Ann Samuelson and Kristine Whittle, with sound by Todd Bilsborough and physical/digital environment by Patrick Mueller & Control Group Productions.


5-8pm on August 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, & 27
in The Galleria Tent at the Denver Performing Arts Complex
1400 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204
$5 suggested donation

The exhibition offers on-going donation-based admission from 5pm to 8pm each event day, with the performance on a 45-minute loop.

WHOLENESS is supported by The Next Stage NOW, an initiative of Arts & Venues, City & County of Denver.

WHOLENESS is part of dances made to be viewed in the dark, Control Group’s series of performance creations exploring the experience and contents of darkness. From childhood fears to the biology of vision to flourishing underground movements and unique subcultural encounters, the project descends into literal and figurative darknesses to seek rich experiences of a world out of sight.

WHOLENESS is a Control Group Productions creation.