Salon Romantik: CREATION (re-creation)
January 2015

Salon Romantik, op.4 episode 1: perma|COUTURE
August 2014

(the world we've created)
June 2014
Presented in partnership with Denver Theatre District and Denver Arts & Venues


Salon Romantik, op. 3: FEAR & PROPHETS
August/September 2014
Presented as part of the Biennial of the Americas 2013


Salon Romantik, op. 2: abysses / solitudes / constellations
January 2013

Salon Romantik, op.1 v.4: I sleep in your embrace
June 2014


Salon Romantik, opus 1: Wanderers in the Sea of Fog
April 2012


When we were Beautiful and All that Came After
April 2011
Created and presented in residency at BINDERY|space, Denver


Demolition Queens
April 2010


A Treatise on Endless Struggle and the Crystallized Moment of Impact
June 2010

TOMB / Abattoir
October 2009

A Treatise on the Effects of Light and Heat on Frozen Bodies and the Importance of Emptiness when Falling
May 2009

A Treatise on Frozen Smiles and the Ephemeral Purity of Falling Snow
March 2009


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